What Is Google Cloud SQL, What Does It Provide, and Why Use It?

Say you are building an application. You’ll be doing so in a team, and a lot of changes will be made to the system regularly, by users, as well as by other devices or processes. A database is an inseparable part of the application because it allows for the proper retaining of the new information and those changes I’ve mentioned. Read more about the importance of databases in app development.

Think about it this way for a moment. Databases allow us to, for example, not login to an application every single time from scratch, because they store the information we’ve already provided, such as the login info, our names, etc. Furthermore, databases are also important for shopping in e-commerce, conducting accounting activities in a certain company, managing production line info, making deposits and withdrawals in banks, and many, many more things. Understanding its importance is not difficult.

What may be a bit difficult, though, is figuring out how to properly store the important data and how to, thus, create the databases, being sure that they will be safe and secure, and that the info will be accurate. I understand completely that you may be a bit worried about how to do this, especially if you’re not familiar with solutions such as the Google Cloud SQL. If you’re imagining yourself doing it all old-school, let me tell you right away that something like that is pretty much impossible. You will need to rely on certain services that will make this process easier.

Since I’ve mentioned Google Cloud SQL, it’s time to learn a bit more about it, as that will help you figure out if it is the right solution for you when it comes to creating and managing those databases. You have to understand what it is, what is provides, and why you may want to consider using it. Thus, those are the questions I’ll answer for you below, one at a time. Starting, of course, with the most basic one that will bring the concept a bit closer to you and make it more understandable. Here is some more info on what this concept entails.

What Is Google Cloud SQL?

A service of the Google Cloud Platform, Cloud SQL is a concept that you need to get familiar with and that can be rather useful. As you may have guessed it, it is a cloud database service, meaning that the data is stored and processed in the cloud, on the infrastructure of the actual cloud service provider. You get access to it from the Google Cloud Platform console or the command line.

The way the data is stored and the way you access it results in one rather important thing. You don’t have to waste time maintaining your infrastructure, since you can, instead, use the computing power of the Google Cloud. So, you can easily connect to the cloud database service with any other GCP services, such as virtual machines, for example.

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I suppose there is absolutely no need to explain that the actual data in the database will be encrypted, meaning that the Google Cloud SQL service will be completely safe and secure. Firewalls that enable control of the public network access and the possibility for the database to connect to a public network only through SSL or through Cloud SQL Proxy make everything even safer. So, if you’re looking for something secure and easy to navigate, this can be your solution.

What Does It Provide?

Now, you’re most likely wondering what the Google Cloud SQL provides. When you take some time to learn a bit more about Google Cloud and SQL, MySQL, and NoSQL, you will realize that this is the solution you should rely on if aiming at spending less time managing the database. Managing it will become quite easy, especially since many different services are offered through the solution so that you don’t have to build and maintain them yourself.

Cloud SQL will handle things like backup, network connectivity, and export and import for you. Furthermore, it will deal with logging and monitoring. And, as I’ve mentioned already, it will handle maintenance and updates itself, so that you don’t have to worry about it all.

Why Use It?

Trying to figure out why exactly you should use this solution to your advantage? Well, the answer to that should be clear, but let me give you an idea anyway. In short, this is a fully manageable database service that will help you not only set up but also maintain, as well as administer and manage your relational databases on the Google Cloud Platform. It makes all of those processes quite easy so that you can focus on other highly important things in your app-building endeavor.

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