What Kind of Cases Do Family Lawyers Handle?

Family lawyers handle cases involving issues surrounding family relationships. Many people have the misconception that a family lawyer only handles divorce cases. But that is far from the truth as family lawyers handle cases from child custody to domestic violence issues. Cases related to family law come under civil law, but they generally involve issues related to parents, spouses, and children.

This article will discuss some cases that a family law lawyer handles. To learn more about family law and what it offers, you can speak to an experienced family lawyer and learn the laws in depth to get a clear understanding of the subject. Meanwhile, here are some cases under family law.


Divorce is the most common out of all the family law cases. Divorces are so common in the United States that family lawyers more often deal with divorce cases than others. Family lawyers handle the couple’s property and asset division and any sub-issue that may arise following the divorce.

Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony is introduced in divorce cases where one spouse has a lower-earning job than the other spouse, making their earnings unequal to each other. Alimony is awarded to the lower-earning spouse to help them maintain a similar lifestyle after divorce as the one they had during the marriage. Family lawyers have an impressive knowledge of the state laws, terms, and requirements for an alimony. They utilize that knowledge to help their clients receive the best possible result.

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Family lawyers handle cases of adoption where a person puts their child up for adoption or when a person wants to adopt a child. Family lawyers locate legitimate agencies for adoption and help their clients properly manage all the legal paperwork. They also help same-sex couples adopt children.

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence cases are those cases that involve physical or verbal abuse between two people in a close relationship. Family lawyers work with the people involved in domestic violence cases to help them get restraining orders and protection and defend clients who were falsely accused of DV.

Juvenile Matters

Juvenile matters refer to cases involving minor children. Cases could be of child abuse, child neglect, or illegal activity executed by a minor. In addition, family lawyers also work to help minors under the age of 14 receive work permits.

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts with the wishes of the couples that they intend to acquire, given the marriage ends in divorce or due to death. A prenuptial agreement contract can include how their assets and properties will be divided, if they will receive monetary compensation after a divorce, etc.

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