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Why matte black kitchen cabinets?

Black color is a great and amazing color that can bold everything. Most people like to have black cabinets in their rooms or kitchens, but it seems strange to be completely black because it is a dark color and needs a contrasting color with it to make it attractive and beautiful. If you want the color of your kitchen cabinets to impress everyone, make sure the color is neither too dark nor too light. There is a trend to blacken all cabinets in the kitchen, but you have to be careful to use the colors correctly. There are many shades of black color (gray, matte, or glossy) that you can use instead of pure black. It presents a very charming and attractive look.

How to clean matte black kitchen cabinets?

It is true that people make every effort to follow the trend but it is also very important to take care of cleanliness because cleaning is more important than following the trend. In the case of matte black kitchen cabinets, you should be more careful in terms of cleanliness, because the dust is clearly visible on the black color, that is why cleaning is needed after a short interval of time. Matte colors are more attractive but also sensitive to scratches and stains as any scratch is clearly visible on matte colors. So a fine smooth piece of cloth should be used to clean these cabinets. You can make a solution at home for its cleaning, which requires the following things:

  • Put water in a spray bottle up to 70% of its total space.
  • Then add distilled vinegar to the remaining space of the spray bottle.
  • Add 3 to 4 drops of dish soap to the spray bottle.
  • Shake well and then your solution is ready.

Cost of matte black kitchen cabinets:

There are many shapes of matte black cabinets, so their price varies from one shape to another. These matte cabinets are available in different designs, like one-door cabinets, double-door cabinets, etc. The price of some popular designs of matte black kitchen cabinets are as follows:

  • Matte black kitchen wall cabinets, having one door which is 9” wide, 30” high, and cabinet is 13” deep. It costs around $380 to $400.
  • Another matte wall cabinet with a single door having 12″ wide, 30″ high, 13″ deep. The cost of this cabinet is slightly different from the above cabinet, which is $410.
  • As its width increases, its price also goes on increasing. You have different choices of matte black kitchen cabinets, it is totally up to you which cabinet you want to make in your kitchen.
  • Matte black wall cabinet with two doors, having 24″ wide, 30″ high, 13″ deep, and cost around $490 to $500. Its price also varies as there are different sizes of double door wall cabinets are available.

Advantages of matte black color for cabinets:

As black is itself a very amazing color, but the contrast of some matte color with it presents a wow look and makes it unexpectedly beautiful and attractive. Some of its major advantages are as follows:

  • It reflects very little light and shows a commanding effect that draws the attention of many people towards the kitchen.
  • Most designs of this cabinet are waterproof, so no repairing is required after some intervals.

You can search for any type of matte black cabinet on the internet and by comparing the price and quality of different cabinets, and then can choose easily the cabinet of your own choice.

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