3 Important Areas Businesses Must Not Neglect

Businesses in 2022 have undergone a transformation over the past few years. The digitization of workplaces, as well as the pressure to face the Great Resignation, has made many businesses re-evaluate what areas are most important and try to introspect to discover what needs prioritizing. Here are the three areas modern businesses need to keep on top of in order to successfully digitize and thrive in 2022.

  • IT Support Is The Backbone Of A Digital Workplace

One area of paramount importance is IT, especially given so many businesses rely on it to do their daily workloads. Gone are the days when a few people in the office with admin rights passed for an IT Support network. With the transformative nature of hybrid work, IT support has become of even more importance. Unifying cyber security, data backup, employee queries and working-from-home support should be looked at and streamlined as best as possible for the smoothest experience for all. This is where a unified help desk should be considered by businesses. 

In fact, it could be vital for the smooth communication that a successful business needs. There are multiple ways to give employees access to work from the office or needed media and documents, but the infrastructure behind those systems needs attention too. Employees need to feel they are able to get support. 

  • Employee Experience Fuels Employee Engagement

In the age of The Great Recession, employee engagement is more important than ever. Companies need to offer opportunities and make people-first workplaces that make work accessible, clear, and, most importantly, personalized. A visual aid that organizes all your different documents, training, contacts, calendar events and more on the screen at once can help make the digital office reflect the real one.

The customization lets employees create their own space on this digital platform, which is vital for the employee experience when away from the office. The way an employee experiences the company and their work directly adds to engagement. Add in branding, color scheme consistency and work tracking, and suddenly your workplace is an active and engaging system full of life. 

  • Work Culture Needs To Exist Outside The Workplace Now

The work ethic and culture of a business itself needs to reach everyone, even if they are working from home. This ties into mental health and being able to encourage a good work-life balance. When your home is your office, work can feel either inescapable or too far detached. 

These polar responses are what make mental health and work ethic so vital to business in 2022. Understanding and communicating with each employee about which reaction they have, and taking that feedback on board, will only bolster the trust and empowerment of the team. With 95% of employees who take time off for stress actually giving a different reason, that communication and trust is actively affecting the business on every level, from work done to employee health to the money lost. Make it a priority for your business to see a change regarding how well you look after your staff’s mental health and work-life balance. 

Remember, It’s All About Employees

In a truly modern fashion, the neglected areas of a business are often the workers. By making good business decisions (investing in IT, orchestrating a central organizational hub for work, and investing in communication), you directly impact the much more personal and emotional aspects of the workplace. The two are not separate issues; employee experience and engagement and health are all integral to the success, profitability and appeal of a company. By being people-first, you are inherently being company-first too!

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