How to make meaningful changes to support your employees

Every business should be looking for ways to grow and reach its full potential. Whether you are an established business or a start-up on the rise, you could be running more efficiently with happier employees. Here are some hacks to help you increase efficiency, productivity and smash your business goals. All while making meaningful changes to support the day-to-day well-being of your employees. 

Be aware of the workload

First things first, do not overwork your employees. On the face of it, it may seem like a great idea to have one-hundred percent of your workforce firing on all cylinders, all the time. However, keeping your staff busy all day long will cause burn-out and fatigue. To combat this, encourage employees to take regular 10 to 15-minute breaks throughout the day. Less working time does not mean less productivity. With regular breaks, staff can approach their work feeling focused and recharged. 

In addition to this, try to spot areas within the business that are shouldering more work than others. If your IT team is overworked and left feeling fried and demotivated, consider hiring co-managed IT Solutions. With extra knowledge, resources, tools, and years of expertise, it could improve your IT team’s capabilities. Receiving the extra support will help them feel valued and stay motivated.

Create reachable goals

It is beneficial for employees to have goals to work towards that include clear and actionable steps. Reaching goals helps to define a sense of purpose. Once a goal is reached, it gives a sense of accomplishment which is sure to boost morale. You can either set team goals, individual goals, or both.

To add an extra incentive for employees to reach their goals, consider offering perks and rewards. Whether it’s an extra holiday day or two, a handshake, or a bottle of wine, rewards remind your employees they are valued and doing a great job, which will, in turn, keep them motivated and improve efficiency. 

Decorate the office

The way that employees feel when they come into the office has a huge impact on their performance throughout the day. According to the British Psychological Society (BPS), people spend, on average, five hours and 41 minutes sitting at a desk each day. 

With office workers spending this much time working at their desks, a well-organized and beautiful office space that feels enjoyable to work in could make all the difference to how they feel day-to-day and how well they perform at work. Aim to create bright, open spaces that create an upbeat atmosphere. Adding artwork and plants to an office space is an easy way to add character and life. If you’re not sure where to start, consider taking advice from an interior design agency that specialize in creating great work environments. They could help you transform your space into a place where productivity thrives. 

Give these simple yet effective efficiency hacks a go and see how your business and employees flourish in the process.

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