A Brief History of Garage Doors in Los Angeles

Garage doors have come a long way since their inception in the city of Los Angeles. From humble beginnings as simple wooden doors that opened and closed by hand, to the automated garage doors of today, the evolution of this home necessity has been fascinating to watch.

Garage door today

Today, automated garage doors are the norm in Los Angeles. Thanks to advances in technology, many of today’s automated garage door feature special sensors that can detect when something is blocking the path of the door, helping to prevent accidents or damage to vehicles or property. Additionally, today there are many companies that sell garage door repair Los Angeles most modern automated garage door now offer a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

Let’s take a look at the history of garage door in Los Angeles, and how they have evolved over time!

In the early 1900s

Los Angeles primarily had wooden garage doors. These were often constructed of wood and opened and shut by hand. This traditional style of the door became increasingly popular as people in the city realized its convenience and cost-saving potential. However, this style of door required regular maintenance in order to keep it operating properly.

In the 1930s

Metal garage door began to make their debut in Los Angeles. These offered a much more durable and long-lasting option than the wooden doors of old. The metal construction did not require as much maintenance and they were also able to withstand strong winds and other weather conditions better than wood doors.

The 1950s

Saw the introduction of electric garage door in Los Angeles. These used powerful motors and wires to open and close quickly, making them a more convenient option than the manual-operated models prior. The electric doors also featured additional security benefits, as they could be locked or unlocked remotely with a wireless keypad.

In the early 1980s

Automated garage doors began to appear in Los Angeles. These units operated electrically but were controlled by a small computer that could open and close the door remotely as well as be programmed to open or close at preset times. This allowed homeowners to have complete control over their garage door with just the push of a button.

What is recommended for today – wood or metal?

Today, both wood and metal garage doors remain popular choices in Los Angeles. Wood is still preferred for its classic look and affordability while metal provides a more durable solution that stands up to the elements better. However, automated garage door are the most common type of door used by homeowners today due to their convenience, safety features, and customizability. In addition, they can be easily installed and serviced by local garage door repair companies. Therefore, it really comes down to personal preference when deciding which type of garage door is right for you!

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