All You Need to Know About Period Underwears


Period cramps can be excruciating and exhausting for teens and what can be even more irritating is the staining of clothes during periods. But, surprisingly, there is a solution. Period underwear is a very convenient option and prevents staining. And because of this, period underwear for teens has seen widespread use these days.

There are many period hygiene products in the market, the most popular ones being pads and tampons. But, these are not eco-friendly, whereas period underwear is.

Period underwears are a sustainable option and allow the free flow of blood, as it is designed in a way that the underwear absorbs menstrual blood without limiting the flow.

How Does Period Underwear Work?

The one thing that differentiates period underwear from normal ones is fabric. It uses multiple layers of microfibre polyester that absorbs blood and prevents it from getting in contact with one’s skin and prevents leaking on one’s clothes. Due to this fabric layering, it is a reusable product. And, although fabric absorbing capacity differs for every product due to the different manufacturing methods, what’s similar in every product is that it aims to absorb menstrual blood, prevent leakage, and keep moisture away from the skin.

Every period underwear for teens as well as adults has maintenance and washing instructions, and one is advised to follow those to ensure it for prolonged life. Besides, before washing, one can use period underwear for about 12 hours without odour, and if maintained with proper care, it can last up to 2 years.

Who Can Use These?

One doesn’t need to have any specific medical issue or a doctor’s prescription for using this. This is a very safe option and is ideal for everyone who prefers it. It is also widely used by women facing the problem of irregular periods, incontinence, etc. People with Dysphoria also tend to stick to this a lot.

Advantages of Using Period Underwear

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Prevents staining of clothes; absorbs both heavy and light flow of blood.
  • It is an eco-friendly option.
  • One can wear them for a long time since they are suitable absorbents.
  • One can use other menstrual products along with them for extra safety. Even though period underwear is safe and there is no chance of blood leakage, one may use a tampon or a pad for satisfaction and more protection.

Moreover, since period underwear is a hygiene product, it is advised that one buys a good quality product from a reliable brand.

Why Should One Purchase From a Reliable Brand? 

Purchasing from a reliable brand will ensure that the microfibre polyester used to make the product is of good quality and is adequately layered to work. It will also ensure that no discomfort or infections are caused while using them. Brands focusing on quality provide one with comfy and leak-free undies and undies to face the unpredictable.

For teens, this Period underwear is the best option! Pads can move from their place and cause leakage, whereas menstrual cups can be challenging to use for most people. That being said, period underwear is the most convenient option, plus it allows the free flow of blood as the underwear keeps absorbing blood and prevents leakage. A bonus above all this is that it is an eco-friendly option. Besides, toxic shock syndrome poses a small risk when tampons are used, but there is no chance for this when using period underwear.

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