Why Your Office Space Should Have Live Plants!

In these modern times, we humans spend most of our days and nights inside artificial structures and under artificial lighting. We call these indoor spaces our homes and businesses, and while they are a necessity in today’s world, they aren’t really an ideal environment for our species. Humanity began its long climb toward modern wonders like home mortgages and public transportation by living out under the sun and the stars, wandering vast tracks of grassland and deep forests in our quest for food and shelter. And so, even though we have become quite well adapted to our man-made dwellings, there is still a part of us deep inside crying out for the open air and the quiet company of the grass and trees.

To assuage this innate need and help us to be a bit happier in our daily indoor existence, some wise businesses have learned to rely on the services of the green-thumbed experts at plant hire in Sydney to bring some of nature’s living green bounty into today’s office spaces! The presence of live plants is healthy for humans on many levels, here are just a few reasons to welcome greenery into your workplace!

  • Reduce Stress – The presence of live plants in a working environment has been proven to reduce stress, improve productivity, boost morale, stave off employee burnout, and reduce turnover! It’s hard to believe that just a few live plants can achieve what an army of clinical psychologists and productivity experts can’t always manage, but they can, and do! Plants and their soothing green colour lower anxiety, relieve tension, and create an atmosphere of healing.
  • Comfortable Atmosphere – The daily existence of the average office worker has been rather unfavourably compared to taking a long international flight- stuck in a chair for hours in an uncomfortably dry enclosed space. Plants can help with the dry part of that equation by adding humidity to the air along with oxygen! If your office’s air conditioning creates a harsh environment reminiscent of a dry tundra, then your plant specialist will bring in species that can add moisture so you can breathe easier. The opposite is also true, if for some reason your office space is damp and wet, moisture-loving plants will be chosen to help to lower the humidity! Plants have evolved for millions of years to do those jobs, and if not more efficient, they are definitely much more attractive then a wall vent.
  • Plants Look Nice – The icing on this cake is that plants also look nice and are pleasant to the eye. No matter how much the office designer spent on abstract modern wall hangings and steel lobby sculptures, the human eye is naturally drawn to the beautiful shapes and colours of living plants. Just having them nearby and visible as we work is a comfort as it reduces any feelings of claustrophobia we may have from being stuck at a desk all day. Plants are nice, they are our friends, and we love having them around!

If this sounds great to you then encourage your employers to talk to the plant people and turn your office into a green space that’s nice to be in!

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