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All You Need to Know Before Investing in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City (CSC) aspires to be Asia’s first smart city, providing people with smart, mechanized, secure, and contemporary living spaces. The city is being built using eco-friendliness & self-sustainability in consideration, which is particularly important given the growing population of Rawalpindi & Islamabad. Future Developments Holdings Pvt Ltd (FDHL), a sibling company of Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd, is behind the development. It is a lawful housing scheme with the Rawalpindi Development Authority’s approval (RDA).


The M2 Motorway runs through Capital Smart City, which is close to the New Islamabad International Airport. It’s also the only development with a permitted junction that connected to the highway directly. The city is also directly adjacent to the CPEC’s western route, guaranteeing that the development’s geographical location provides residents with complete movement.

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Residential Sectors

  • Vista Hills

For those wanting to spend in Capital Smart City Islamabad, this is a housing sector within CSC that provides various plots & villas, as well as golf homesteads. All of this is in addition to the adjoining 18-hole golf facility and clubhouse. For individuals interested in learning how to play golf, also there is a golf course.

  • Lake Crystal

Featuring shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, a dancing river, and even a floating hamlet, this is a housing & commercial core inside the community. The Crystal Lake is the neighborhood’s centre point, with mixed-use housing market available in the nearby region.

  • China Village

China Village is also being created nearby the Crystal Lake, including mixed-use properties, shopping malls, and a variety of entertainment options for inhabitants.

  • Overseas Block

The Overseas Block was created specifically to provide profitable investment opportunities within Pakistan to expatriates. Locals, on the other hand, can take advantage of the cutting-edge community and its facilities by investing in Capital Smart City Islamabad. Housing plots and villas, as well as medical, academic, and religious facilities, are all part of the concept.


  • Financial Square

While the Financial Square includes residential flats, the project’s primary goal is to encourage business investment in Capital Smart City. There are workplace spaces for corporations and banks, as well as convention and exposition rooms that are perfect for seminars. Visiting officials and other business guests can be accommodated in the area’s hotels.

  • Aviation Village

Because of the project’s vicinity to a Islamabad International Airport, it will also include an Aviation Village that will push operations to the next degree. With vast warehousing and refrigeration, as well as exposition halls, corporate headquarters, and restaurants, this is the ideal location to meet the aircraft industry’s logistics and leisure needs.

  • FDH Building

Commercial galleries for those interested in purchasing properties in Capital Smart City are located in the FDH Towers. The full administration of the project’s equipment is likewise handled from this business center.


  • Holiday Parks

Capital Smart City inhabitants do not have to drive vast distances to find amusement. The Holiday Park will include not merely a theme park as well as a bird area, but also a distinct food trailer park where you can enjoy high-quality street food near to home. For individuals who wish to visit CSC solely for the amusement, the region will also be host to a holiday destination.

  • Garden Parks

In order to maintain a green and clean environment, CSC provides not just tiny parks and also three distinct types of gardening, each with its unique purpose. There will be blossom parks with blossoms for every year, linear designs with space-saving planting techniques, and historical gardens with design that reflects our cultural legacy.

  • Healthcare Facilty

This area of CSC will focus on increasing the healthcare amenities available to Islamabad residents. It will have a variety of hospitals, clinics, and institutes to guarantee that the residents have access to the medical care they require.

  • Education City

This city provides educational establishments at every stage, from elementary to colleges and institutions, to ensure that citizens have a variety of possibilities. Within CSC, there will be medical university campuses, as well as day care facilities for working group to verify that young children are cared for by professionals while they are away.

  • BRT Systems

Aside from offering perfect living facilities, the society also provides a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network that serves two major transportation routes. Furthermore, there are various bus and public transportation hubs with multiple connecting interchanges, all of which are well-maintained.

  • Mosque

Capital Smart City would not only contain one of the country’s largest Jamia mosques, but also many lesser mosques for each sector, with the goal of assisting inhabitants in meeting their religious requirements.

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