Dota 2 Guide: 10 Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

Whether you are a newbie to the world of Dota 2 or you have been playing it for quite some time, when it comes to choosing proper roles and hero picks, randomness in your action can make it hard for you to move up. Although it may look like an easy team battle game, you will discover the complexity of the game if you dive deep into it. You can also browse through – and try some new tips to improve your gameplay.

If you are playing this game just to kill some time, then you can always enjoy this fun multiplayer RTS game without thinking much, but if you are eager to learn and master it, here are some pro tips that will definitely help you improve the gameplay and make your gaming time more fun and exciting.

  1. Dota 2 is a multiplayer battle game, so if you have always been a one-man hero with your individual type gameplay, then it’s time to drop that action now. There is no way one can pull the game single-handedly on their own. If you have been watching the pros playing this game, then you would definitely have noticed that they don’t stand up just to fight until it would be counted as the best option. Staying in the game matters the most, and thus it is better to carry the fight with your fellow players rather than jumping in the arena as a solo fighter.
  2. Placing the wards is one of the most random plays in the game; not even beginners but many of the core players also decide where to put the ward by their instincts. And if you are also doing the same, then leave your personal preferences behind right at this instance. Tip- see the preview of the ward version first, then place your wards, and you will notice more fruitful results.
  3. Knowing where to place the ward only is not enough to be a mastermind of the wards in the game, but it is somewhat more important to know when you should be placing the wards in a particular area depending on the current situation in your game, for example, if you are being dragged on your backfoot by the enemies then it is better to reveal your side rather than wasting the wards in the enemy jungle.
  4. Disassembling items is one of the most challenging game actions for any newbie player, but one thing that you can keep in mind is that many early game items can help you in the late games, whereas many can be disassembled and utilized for making other new items. Also, it would help if you are more careful with what you are going to make with the disassembled item; for example, you can use Ring of Basilius to make Urn of Shadows or Medallion of Courage as these items will be more helpful to you in the late games than the Ring of Basilius and thus depending on your need, you can choose which item will be more favourable to you.
  5. Depending on how well your team and your carry hero are playing, you would think about whether you should gank or not at this point of the game. But don’t focus solely on gank, as moving tirelessly around here and there in the map will waste your time in the game and will earn you little XP, which is necessary to gain in the early game.
  6. Before going into a team fight, make sure that all your team allies have their ultimate ready for maximum impact, and thus timing your team fight is a must in multiplayer battle games. Although it may sound a natural thing to do, many of the players just skip over this basic idea that can help them to reach up in the game.
  7. As an ally, make sure to well ward the area on your side after being assured that all the heroes are players in the same position. Keeping a teleport scroll with you all the time and opening up to go for kills needs only to be done if you are in need of creating space.
  8. Thinking next four moves but taking one step at a time is probably the best strategy to win any game, and thus Dota 2 is no exception. For example, if you get a good roll in the early stages of the game, then it will give you the confidence to move in any lane; however, if the pulley weighs more on the side of the enemy, it is better to get more defensive.
  9. Predicting what your team players are trying to do can drain your energy and excitement very quickly, and thus it is better to communicate more with your teammates so that the entire team can be at the same table.
  10. Understanding the game and your role is definitely the most important and underrated tip for any player in the game. Rather than diving into battle, you should focus on your role in the game to strengthen your team from the core and help win over more fights easily.

Now, you have the best tips to improve your play. Then, what are you waiting for? Keep all of them in mind and get started right away.

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