Everything You Need To Know Before Going to Your First Celtics Game

Are you all geared up to cheer on the legendary green and white at your first-ever Celtics game? We’re about to take you on a wild, fun-loving ride through everything you need to know before stepping inside the nerve center of Celtics Nation, TD Garden. With a few tips and tricks, your next shot will be nothing but net.

How Can I Get To the Game?

Making your way to the esteemed TD Garden, a beacon in Boston sports, could be its own exciting adventure. Take the train if you can — the station is connected directly to the arena, and there’s nothing quite like the camaraderie of sharing a ride with fellow fans, all eager for the game.

But suppose you just flew into Boston and might be burdened with luggage. We’ve got a pro-tip perfect for times like these. Whisk your way to Boston South Station and utilize their luggage storage services. Boston South Station luggage storage is a lifesaver. It’s reliable, secure, and offers you a chance to experience the game unhampered by baggage.

How Do I Get Celtics Tickets?

You don’t just walk into a Celtics game — getting your hands on good tickets requires a bit of planning. You’ve got options depending on your budget and how close you want to feel to the action. 

Eying the lower bowl? Or maybe you’re good with the mystic view from the upper levels? Decide and plan accordingly.

The official Celtics website is your safest bet to make your purchase, but authorized dealers can also offer attractive deals. Just remember, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of scalpers and stick to verified sellers. Security beats the stress of potentially fraudulent tickets.

Are There Any Pre-Game Rituals for Celtics Games?

Before the game, immerse yourself in authentic Bostonian spirit. Dive into pre-game rituals at local fan-favorite sports bars near the stadium. Places like The Four’s on Canal Street and Sullivan’s Tap are teeming with passionate Celtics fans prepping for the game.

If you fancy a quick and delicious bite, Boston’s historic North End — the city’s famed Little Italy — is close by. It’s full of yummy food joints where you can fuel up before the game. A pizza at Regina Pizzeria or cannolis from Mike’s Pastry will have you wanting half-time to come sooner. 

What Is Watching a Game Like?

Once you’re inside TD Garden, the energy is mind-blowing. There’s a sea of green and white, fans cheering on the Celtics, busting out the chorus of “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” — it’s electrifying. Make sure you’re ready to kill it when “Sweet Caroline” comes up, as chanting the “bah, bah, bahs” is a rite of passage for every Celtics fan. 

Getting around TD Garden is relatively simple. Concession stands are generously scattered around. From hot dogs to premium beers, there’s something for everyone. Plus, restrooms are also readily accessible. Just a heads up, lines can get lengthy during halftime, so plan accordingly. 

One of the best parts of attending a Celtics game in person, aside from the action on the court, is the camaraderie. Striking up conversations with fellow fans can be surprisingly fun. You’ll be making game buddies before you know it.

What Can I Do After the Game?

The game might have finished, but that doesn’t mean the night’s over. Boston is brimming with options to celebrate (or commiserate). You are within walking distance of some of the best eateries and bars in the city. Try Union Oyster House or iconic The Black Rose for a refreshing pint and recap of the game. 

When the night winds down, catching your train back from North Station is as simple as pie. If you need to reclaim your belongings, remember Boston South Station luggage storage is situated a short train ride away. Simply hop on the subway’s red line, and you’ll be there in no time, reuniting with your stuff.

A Slam Dunk Experience

From traveling to the arena to finding ways to celebrate after the final whistle, now you’ve got the lowdown. Now, all there’s left to do is make sure to savor each moment of your Celtics journey. 

As any devoted Celtics fan will tell you, attending a game in person is more than just a sporting event — it’s a deeply Bostonian experience unlike any other. Whether you’ve planned your Celtics expedition for months or it’s a spontaneous adventure, the spirit of Celtics Nation will be sure to make your first game one for the books!

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