How can you Learn Quran at Home?

Have you ever questioned why we don’t cry when we hear the Quran but can’t understand Allah’s Divine Kalaam? What could be greater than comprehending Allah’s words in the language in which they were revealed? The Quran, Allah’s holy book, is a source of instruction and light for Muslims. Learning the Quran is an important part of Islam that every Muslim should do on a regular basis. The Holy Quran imparts knowledge in all areas of life, draws Muslims closer to Allah (SWT), and will intercede on our behalf on the Day of Judgment. You may also like to learn about the Basic Quran Reading course.

Why You Should Learn Quran

The holy Quran is mankind’s ultimate source of instruction. It makes no difference whether you are a Muslim or not. The Quran can teach you a lot. Reading the Quran has a plethora of advantages.

  • The Quran is a book that is used to guide people. It can provide you with all kinds of advice in any area of your life.
  • If you wish to go closer to Allah, this is the one path you should take.
  • You can learn about Allah’s magnificence.
  • If you want to make it through the Day of Judgment, the Quran is a must-read.
  • If you want to make your life calmer, this is the best approach to do so.
  • The holy Quran may teach you a lot about science in addition to providing life advice.

Begin with Simple Chapters

Many people believe that memorizing the Quran is difficult for beginners and children. The main reason for this is because they begin reading from big chapters like Surah Al-Baqarah. For newcomers, looking at such a large chapter can be intimidating. As a result, you should begin reading the Quran with simple and short chapters. Start reading the Holy Quran from the first juz if you’ve mastered them and developed fluency. Also, learn about the Arabic Language Course.

Revisions per week

They must revise the last five pages at the conclusion of each week. Consider the following scenario: If your child is on line 5, he or she is on lesson 5. She’ll go back five pages and go over everything once again before returning to her present lesson. This ensures that by the time students begin reading the Quran, they will have improved their reading speed.

Get to Know Your Favorite Verses

Though the entire Holy Quran occupies a special place in the hearts of Muslims, some verses are more significant in terms of the benefits they provide. The Ayat ul Kursi is the best example. This is the 255th verse of the Holy Quran, and it occupies a special place in the hearts of Muslims because of its incredible advantages. You can read these verses after you’ve started reading the Quran and before you’ve finished reading it in order.

End-of-Semester Exam

They must revise for 2-3 days and give a test on the entire book once you have finished it. If they’re still making mistakes, encourage them to practise a little more. I understand how annoying it is for the youngster, but you may need to utilize bribery and incentives to get them to practice. Encourage your child by throwing an end-of-Qaida party at which Grandfather will be tested.

Attempt to locate your favorite Chapter

The Holy Quran contains 114 chapters in all. Its chapters, like the Holy Quran’s words, differ in their accessibility. Surah Rahman and Surah Yaseen are wonderful instances of the Holy Quran chapters that are most dear to people’s hearts. You can also read these chapters first before reading the entire Holy Quran in order.


You might be wondering where the grammar in Quran study is. It’s finally here. You must study the Arabic language’s grammar in this level in order to learn to recite the Quran eloquently and precisely. It’s time to memorize after studying recitation and tajweed. Memorizing the Quran is really beneficial to us. It will help you both in this life and in the next. After you’ve memorized everything, you’ll be a Hafiz.

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