How do forward multiple emails Gmail at the same time?

forward multiple emails gmail

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Forward multiple emails Gmail 

It is a human theory that they want to do anything in easy ways. And for this purpose, if you are a user of Gmail then you should seek the easiest way of using this service. If you are receiving multiple emails on daily basis then it will be difficult for you to manage your inbox. But if you will buy Gmail accounts from us, then we give you some suggestions through those you can create simplicity for your account. There are lot numbers of methods through which you can organize your inbox. For example, you can sort your emails and add them to different folders and give labels. However, there is the best method of Gmail inbox organization to send bulk emails at once. But if you want to use this feature manually, then you should pass from some easy steps to adjust your Gmail account for it.

Why it is important to forward multiple emails?

Normally, there is no need to forward multiple emails, but in some situations, you should use this feature. Otherwise, in normal condition, I think all things should be normal and this feature keeps silent. However, if you are facing the following situations then, you should use this feature.

  1. During the investigation, you should need to send forward multiple emails Gmail at the same time. Because, in some criminal cases, lot numbers of things change normal to abnormal.
  2. If you are working in a company and your senior wants to see the record of any topic, your boss can demand forwarding multiple emails.
  3. If you want to say goodbye to your job, then you will need to forward multiple emails Gmail to another worker who will work in the future in replace of yourself.
  4. There are some important records in companies and if you want to transfer the records to other employers then you should use the feature of multiple email forwarding.

If you are facing any situation that we discussed above then you can use this feature. And by using this feature, you can save time and you should buy Gmail accounts. Because, you can save your time but for this purpose, you will need to buy Gmail accounts.

The process of forwarding multiple emails

As you know that there are more than 1.5 billion active users of Gmail and the reason for this multiple numbers of users is that the using process of Gmail is simple. You can estimate this fact from this theory that old email services have not many users but Gmail has. If the user process of any email service or social media app is simple then people try to choose it. However, here we will discuss the feature of forwarding multiple emails at once without wasting your important time.

You should select all those emails, which you want to forward. And if you want to make it easy to find the emails, you can search them in the search box. There is also another method of searching that you can use (). Because when you will enter any specific word or name in it, then you will get all the emails related to these words and names.

Once you have chosen the emails which you want to forward then it will be easy to get this feature. You can select separately all emails which you want to forward. But it will take some time. So you should choose the select the checkbox to select all emails. This option will provide you at the top of your inbox and by clicking on it; you can save your time.

When you have select all emails that you want to forward and ready for forwarding, then it will be so easy and simple.  Simple click on the three dots which are on the right side of your screen menu. And after selecting it, you will get the option of forwarding it as an attachment. When you will click on it, then all emails will be sending singly. But it should keep in mind that the EML will be individual to all emails. So there will be no issue creates for the receiver to understanding the emails. This is so easy a simple step and if you want to get the facility of forwarding unlimited emails at the same time then we suggest you buy Gmail accounts.

Auto forward filter

If you are thinking that it is a difficult or time-consuming process to forwarding multiple emails. Then you can create an auto-forward filter in your Gmail accounts.

You should go to the settings of your Gmail account and then choose their option of Add a forwarding address. And after choosing it, you should select an email address that will receive all your forwarding emails.

After completing this process, you should come back and choose to see all settings and then select filters and blocked addresses. When you will scroll down it to lower, then you will find the option of creating a new link filter.

Now you will choose the filter parameter and this will help you in choosing that which emails you want to forward. After choosing the words related to emails, you should press on create filters. Then you should select the option of forwarding it to and then choose an email address that you have set in the first step. In the last, you should choose to create a filter and now your filter is ready which could be used for auto-forward.

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