How to delete sent mail from receiver’s inbox in Gmail

how to delete sent mail from receiver's inbox in gmail

How to delete sent mail from receiver’s inbox in Gmail? As you know that man is prone to error. And in hurry, there is possible to do some big errors. However, if you are a user of Gmail, then you can solve some issue those created through mistakes. For example, you are using Gmail accounts and sent the wrong email to your boss, and then there is no other way but only shame. However, you can escape from these problems and use undo sent feature of Gmail.

However, it is important to know that how you can use the feature of undoing sending? And these days, you know that the number of users of email services is increasing day by day. The reason is that the fastest way of communication is email services and due to this the demand and use of email services are increasing.

In this article, we will tell you that how you can handle the issue of sending wrong emails. And this article is the best solution for using this feature. But it should keep in mind that you will give a limited time to use this feature. And after passing this time, you will be unable to delete an email that was sent.

How to activate the feature of undoing sending?

There are some features that are automatically saved in your Gmail accounts. While there are some features that are required to be activated. And undo sending is one of the best features that is needed to activate. It should keep in mind that the using process of Gmail is so simple from all other email services. And the process of activating undo feature consists of some simple steps and by following these steps, you will be able to escape from a lot of problems. Following are the steps of using undo sending feature.

  • log in to your Gmail accounts on your device which you are using for your purposes. Because there is no limitation of using any specific device for this feature.
  • After login in to your Gmail account, you should open the settings of your account that are on the top of your account screen.
  • There will be another option to see all settings and your required activity will be held in this option. And then press on General setting.
  • Here you will look at the option of undoing send and the number of this feature will be a fourth in the list of all options.
  • After choosing this option, you should make it enable. And after you will be able to use this feature.
  • You will give the Time period and it is compulsory. Because, as we discuss above that you can use this feature for a limited time. So, it also depends on your activity that how much you are active and can use this feature. The time which is provided by Gmail for using this feature is 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds. You can estimate the importance of this feature through the given time and if you want to use this feature, then you should be most active.
  • After choosing the time and selecting all options, if you are agreeing to use this feature, you should press on save changes. When you will press on the option of saving changes then you will be able to get this feature.

I personally suggest that you should do an experiment after using this feature. Because there is no excuse in professional life and if you have a small mistake, it can change your professional life.

Features of Gmail

If we talk about the features of Gmail then all the features are very useful even you want to use these features for your personal purpose or business purpose. And the main important fact about Gmail’s features is that all these are more useful than other email services features. If these days, Gmail is at the # 1 in the ranking of email services then the reason is its features. If we give the rank of features due to its performance then undo sending is one other best feature of Gmail. And lot numbers of other email services have not this feature. When you will buy Gmail accounts then you also become on the list of Gmail feature’s users.

So as we discussed above, if you are active and alert while sending an email to anyone. Then you can get better results from this feature. But if you are lazy and un-active in your work then you should pass the time which is given by Gmail. And there will be no other way but only you will lose your impression and reputation. So we suggest you open your eyes and be alert when you are sending important mail to anyone. However, it is the good news of this feature for Gmail users. Because some other email services cannot have this type of useful feature. It should keep in mind that we have aged Gmail accounts for sale with the activation of this feature.

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