10 Useful Tools for Everyday Life

Useful Tools for Everyday Life

Every now and then, I take stock of the resources I’m using, with the aim of eliminating some and adding others. When it comes to increasing efficiency, technology can be extremely beneficial. But you must constantly track what is working and what is not.

We use many tools in our daily life that we don’t even think about, many tools have become an essential part of our lives that we cannot go a single day without whether its for entertainment purpose or doing tasks like setting up reminders, making lists, creating random teams for games like FIFA or even making random choices that we, otherwise hard to make.

Below are Useful Tools for Everyday Life

Skype – I’m holding more and more meetings on this app, and I’ve been using it to call my friends and family for years now.

Dropbox – Dropbox has become our go-to cloud storage solution. I suppose it also serves as a remote backup, and there are also sharing and collaboration features. I use the public folder to submit any file larger than a few megabytes.

Google Apps – For internal teamwork and communication, we use the branded edition of apps, calendars, and other tools.

Random Team Generator – Making teams especially with a lot of people, get way too time-consuming when done manually but with random team generator, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. We just put in the list of all the people or objects and the number of teams or groups that we want to divide them into and that’s it. It creates all the teams for you just like that.

Evernote – We people do like Post-its and Evernote, on the other hand, will change your life. It’s a place where you can scribble all of your notes and organize them in notebooks. We use Evernote for brainstorming, taking notes on phone calls, making to-do lists, and pretty much everything else that needs a notebook.

Pandora – Pandora is a music streaming service that allows you to build your own radio stations. It makes life easier, more enjoyable, and more joyful. There are always songs of the moment. Something that makes us feel encouraged and enthusiastic about life!

Random Decision Maker –  Another handy tool that we can use to make our lives a little easier is the random decision-maker. It helps us come up with a choice or decision if we ever get stuck on multiple choices. And we just can’t make up our minds about any of them.

Tag Generators – If you are a YouTuber, you’d know how difficult to find the right tags that represent your video. And it kind of takes a lot of time to find those tags. But these youtube tag generator tools really help save you a lot of time. And effort and not to mention find the correct tags for you.

Guitar Tuners – The best thing about technology is that it makes everything easier. Even for a guitarist who wants to tune their guitar. There are many online tools that let you tune your guitar which is quite amazing.

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