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Update your kitchen with simple ways

Update your kitchen with simple ways

The heart of the house is the kitchen. Days begin and end with the hustle and bustle of cooking, and entertainment usually revolves around eating and drinking. You can skip costly remodeling and add these simple improvements to your kitchen.

Introducing open shelving

If you need to fill a massive blank wall, you might consider adding a few shelves. These are a great way to showcase your beautiful glassware, serving collection, or great cookbooks – and will make the room even bigger. Add sculpted or minimal braces for added elegance.

Paint cabinets

Yes, painting cabinets is a tricky task, but incredibly affordable! That’s the cost of one or two cans of paint (plus primer!) And a little elbow grease if you’re doing it yourself. Whether you choose dramatic black or soft bluish gray, a couple of coats of paint will completely transform the look of your entire space.

Change equipment

You won’t believe how fast and easy it is to upgrade old legacy hardware. Warm up your finishes with a brass version of an elegant modern shape. It will instantly make your kitchen look trendy, but it won’t cost you a fortune.

Add lighting under the cabinet

Give this space a little drama by showcasing beautiful exhibits. You can find a variety of options including battery-powered LED versions that just stay on. This is a softer lighting option than overhead lighting and creates a warm atmosphere at night.

Paint the walls

Maybe you like the color of your closet, but the rest of the kitchen seems a little flaky. Apply the new color to the walls. Whether you choose a bright white or a darker shade, just make sure you choose a color that matches your wardrobes.

Rethink your closet space

If the main reason you want the Reno is to get more storage in your current space, review the cabinets you currently have. Double your closet space by purchasing stepped shelving, dividers, or a turntable. Just assess your storage needs before going crazy with The Container Store.

Cover your countertops

Unfortunately, not everyone has our dream countertops. For quick refreshment, cover a portion of the table with a large cutting board or marble hob. This idea works especially well if you want to mask the damaged area until you are ready to completely redo the countertop. Read more about Technewsenglish

Upgrade your kitchen faucet

Updating an old faucet is a straightforward DIY project and washing up can be almost enjoyable. You can choose from a variety of styles, finishes and even touchless models from Kohler and Delta.

Hang the pots

Free up space in drawers and cupboards by hanging the pots on a hanger. Pots, pans and large crockery have a slot in the handle so they can be hung on any hook system. Just make sure your pot hanger is attached to the ceiling or wall with wall studs and the hooks are large enough to support the weight.

Install Peel and Stick Backsplash

Adding tiles to the kitchen is not a problem when you use panels to remove and stick tiles. As their name suggests, you simply mark where you want to place the tile, clean the surface, and then remove the base from the tile and apply it to the wall. With this handy tile, you can update your kitchen in a matter of hours.

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