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IPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has all the same features as the iPhone 12 Pro, with some additional camera enhancements and a bigger battery thanks to its larger size. Reviews for the 12 Pro Max has also been positive, with reviewers praising the large 6.7-inch display and long battery life. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is large enough for people to see in person before ordering, and reviewers have been disappointed that Apple isn’t doing more to take advantage of the larger screen with multitasking and other features. With its larger size and larger battery, the 12 Pro Max will easily last all day, and sometimes longer depending on 5G usage.

IPhone 12 Pro Max features


Apple has used the same rounded-edge design since the iPhone 6, but that changed in 2020 with the introduction of the iPhone 12 line. The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max has a flat, square-edged design that matches the iPad Pro design language and dates back to older ones. Devices such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The flat-edged design is a significant departure from the previous design that makes the new models look modern, but given that it re-imagines the look of older models, it also feels familiar.


The iPhone 12 Pro comes in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch sizes this year, with the 6.7-inch model being marketed as the largest iPhone Apple has released to date. Compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro has shrunk and slightly smaller. The iPhone 12 Pro is 5.78 inches (146.6 mm) high, 2.82 inches (71.5 mm) wide and 0.29 inches (7.4 mm) thick, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.33 inches tall. Inches (160.8 mm) and 3.07 inches. Inches wide (78.1 mm) and 0.29 inches (7.4 mm) thick.


The iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max comes in Silver, Gold, Graphite and Pacific Blue – a navy blue that’s new to the iPhone Pro line. Pacific Blue replaces the dark green that was introduced with the iPhone 11 Pro lineups.


The iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, like the iPhone 11 Pro models, are IP68 water resistant. The new smartphones are capable of withstanding a depth of six meters (19.7 feet) for up to 30 minutes. Previous iPhones were designed to withstand up to four meters of water for 30 minutes, so despite having a similar water resistance rating, the new iPhones can better withstand deeper immersion. In the IP68 number, 6 stands for dust resistance (and means the iPhone 12 Pro can hold dirt, dust and other particles), and 8 stands for water resistance. IP6x is the highest dustproof rating available. Read more about rokka no yuusha season 2.


All iPhone 12 models feature the same OLED Super Retina XDR display that’s flexible and fits right into every device. There is an improved 2,000,000: 1 contrast radio for blacker blacks and brighter whites and a peak brightness of up to 1,200 nits for HDR photos, videos, TV shows and movies. Typical maximum brightness is 800 nits. The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro has a resolution of 2532 x 1170 with 460 ppi, while the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max has a resolution of 2778 x 1284 with 458 ppi, which is over 3.4 million pixels. Wide color support delivers vibrant, lifelike colors, while True Tone adjusts the display’s white balance to match ambient lighting for a paper-like viewing experience, making it easier for your eyes to work.

Ceramic shield

This year’s displays protected by Ceramic Shield, which Apple says offers four times better drop protection. The Ceramic Shield display lid to make by molding nano-ceramic crystals into the glass, which Apple says took a lot of effort because ceramics are opaque. The ceramic crystals have been processed to optimize legibility while maintaining strength, with a display created in partnership with Corning. The iPhone 12 Pro’s display is also designed to fit the edge of the phone; a feature Apple says also contributes to better drop protection.

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Bionic Chip A14

The A14 Bionic chip use in the iPhone 12 lineup is the first A-series chip to be built with a smaller 5nm process that delivers increased speed and efficiency. The A14 has 40 percent more transistors (11.8 billion) than the A13 for longer battery life and better performance. The 6-core processor and 4-core GPU in the A14 Bionic chip are 50 percent faster than any other top smartphone chip on the market in 2020, according to Apple. Early Geekbench benchmark results show the iPhone 12 Pro is more than 20 percent faster than the iPhone 11 Pro with the A13 chip, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max is about 20-25 percent faster.

Neural engine

There’s a new 16-core Neural Engine that’s 80 percent faster than the previous generation Neural Engine, and machine learning accelerators are up to 70 percent faster. The Neural Engine can perform 11 trillion operations per second, so tasks such as applying Deep Fusion enhancements to photos complete faster than ever. Other improvements include a new image signal processor to support Dolby Vision recording, Smart HDR 3 for more realistic color shifts in photos, and improved temporal noise reduction that reduces noise in videos.

Battery life

Disassembly and regulatory information confirm that the iPhone 12 Pro has a 2,815mAh battery and the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687mAh battery. Both of which are smaller than the batteries in the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. iPhone 12 Pro Max has an L-shaped battery that works thanks to its larger case. The iPhone 12 Pro’s battery lasts 17 hours for video playback, up to 11 hours for video streaming. And up to 65 hours for audio playback. The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery life of 20 hours for video playback, up to 12 hours for video streaming, and 80 hours for audio playback. Read more about IGI Times.


The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have 6GB of RAM.

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