How to enable Instagram notification feature?

Instagram notification

Instagram notification

If you want to become an active Instagrammer, then it is important to keep aware from new posts to your followers. Or there is a person who posts nice pictures or videos as well those things which you like. So in this case, we suggest to users to use Instagram notification feature through that you will never miss a chance which you are looking. This notification feature is important these days, because through this feature you will aware from all new and old post which different people make on their Instagram profiles.

Above we have told you that how much it is useful to use this feature. But it is a feature which you can make enable or not. So here we will mention the methods of using this feature on different devices.

How to enable Instagram notification feature on computer?

As you know that the use of Instagram accounts on computer is easy from other devices. So when you want to enable this feature on computer, then you should spend maximum 2 minutes. However, by spending 2 minutes, you will get a best feature of Instagram. By following these steps, you can get management of Instagram notification.

  1. Start your Instagram account on your computer and then click on settings menu that will at the right-hand corner.
  2. When you will open settings, then there will lot of functions. But as we are discussing about Instagram notification, so click on it.
  3. When you will click on notifications, then it will be opened. If you are not receiving any notification, then it means that your notifications are off and due to this, you are not getting notification either of everything.
  4. Turn on notifications for getting notifications and it is important to get notification about multiple things. Because you can get notification about your followers or everyone even they are following you or not.

Not only posting, but you can get notification about likes as well as comments. So when someone will like your post or comments on your posted pictures or videos.

How to enable notifications on Android device?

As you know that, all devices have their own process and features. So if you are using Instagram accounts on Android device, then the process of enable notification will be different from computer. So adopt following steps through that you can get the feature of enable notification.

  1. Open your Instagram account on your Android device.
  2. Click on your Instagram profile picture and then click on three horizontal lines.
  3. When you will click on these lines, then there will be open some more options and then click on settings.
  4. Settings menu will lead you to lot of options and here you should select notifications.
  5. After pushing notifications, you should turn it on, if you are not getting notification before.
  6. There are some more options and you can choose specific functions through that you can get notifications like you can get notifications about posts, stories as well as comments. You can set notifications about followers and followings. Even direct messages, live and IGTV, emails as well as messages will be including in Instagram notifications.

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