How to mark all emails as read gmail

how to mark all emails as read gmail

There is no issue of earning maximum profit as much as you want from your online business. And these days, the main source of earning maximum profit is the digital marketing business. However, all business companies cannot get their expected revenue. But the companies which buy Gmail accounts in bulk can achieve their targets. Because the use of bulk Gmail accounts is the guarantee of your success. And when you will use these accounts then your expectation will be auto-fill through some effort. Another advantage of using buying bulk Gmail accounts is that the price will be decreased for Gmail accounts when these are bulk in numbers.

Introduction of Gmail

Gmail was introduced in April 2004 as a free email service. There were not many features and numbers at that time. But no one knows that this email service will be growing at much speed. And these days, there are about 1.5 billion active users of Gmail. And it is full of lot numbers of useful features. However, the basic work of Gmail is to send and receive emails from other email services and accounts. But as time passed, there are lot numbers of changes occurs in Gmail and now it could be used for multiple purposes. There are lot numbers of social media platforms and tools that could be started through Gmail accounts. Having multiple features, the demand for Gmail accounts is increasing in the business of digital marketing.

Features of Gmail accounts

As time passed, the features of Gmail are improving. And due to this improvement of features, Gmail also improves itself. For example, in the beginning, there were only some million users of Gmail. But as features were added, the number of users also increased. Here we will discuss some important and useful features of Gmail and then you can easily understand the importance of Gmail for personal as well as business life.


The main purpose of Gmail is to provide the facilities to its users. When you are using Gmail accounts on your desktop then you can get the feature of right-clicking. However, when you will click on the right side of the mouse on any email, then you will be given some options. It means that you can forward, edit, reply, delete, send to archive, or mark as read. So when you will use this feature, then you can keep safe yourself from a lot of other activities.

Confidential mode

Gmail is the most secure email service that can provide you different layers of securities. If you are using Gmail accounts, then you should send different types of emails. But when it is important to an email that is related to security then you can use the feature of the confidential mode of Gmail. When you will use this feature, then your email could be read-only to the person that is authorized. Because Google creates a passcode to read this mail. And there is banned on forwarding, editing, printing, or copy of the mail that is in confidential mode.If you want that your sending email should be delete after some time then you can set an expiry time on it.

Archive the emails

If you want to keep safe your emails in your accounts but it is important that your inbox should be empty, then you can use the feature of archive the mails. When there is no space in your inbox but you do not want email, then the archive feature is the best in this case. When you use this feature, then your emails safe in a secure place, and when you need them again then you can get these emails.

Send and receive money

When you buy Gmail accounts, then you can use these accounts for sending and receiving money from any place in the world. But it should keep in mind that you will need to enable this feature.

Two-factor security

When you will buy Gmail accounts then you can get the highest security that is not possible for another email service to provide it. To make more secure Gmail, Google has introduced the high-security feature known as two-factor security. When you use this feature then no one can log in to your account without your permission. Because, you will need to enter the code that you will get through mobile numbers, email accounts, or through any other application. And if someone will try to hack your account you will get a message immediately and you should be active.

How to mark all emails as read Gmail

As you know that there are unlimited features of Gmail and all features are very much important for your business and personal life. I have seen multiple times that some people keep unread messages to their inbox another reason is that they do not know about the feature of mark the read to unread emails. If anyone knows about this feature, then it is very useful and should be used.  Here we will tell the method to change unread emails to mark them as read,

  1. You should write “label:inbox: unread” in the search box and then press on entering. So by doing this first 20 unread emails will appear on the screen.
  2. You should come down and then select the option of “All”.
  3. Then you should press on the option of “Select all conversations that match the results in the email message and then you should select all emails.
  4. Then you should go ahead and then press on the “more” button and after it click on the option of “Mark as read” and then press on “OK”.

It should keep in mind that there will be a need for some time for marking all emails to read. Because as we discuss above that you can only change 20 emails. So if the number of emails will be more then there will need more time.

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