How to read all emails on gmail

how to read all emails on gmail

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Features of Gmail accounts

There are unlimited features of Gmail that are making Gmail a famous email service. If you want to get all the advantages of email marketing, then it is possible only when you will buy Gmail accounts for your business. There are some features of Gmail that are using for time saving and these features could be used for personal as well as professional life.

And if you want to know about the features that could be used for time-saving then you should use only Gmail accounts. If you are receiving multiple emails and you do not have the time for reading. Then you use the features of Gmail. Because there are only some addresses that sent you important emails, while more numbers of emails send you an un-necessary email. And if you will ignore these emails then there will be no issue. So, you can use this feature of Gmail and save your time that you will spend on reading irreverent emails.

How to read all emails on Gmail

As you know that the importance of email services is increasing in this digital world. So, there is no issue that you love emails or not. But you should use these for a lot of purposes that are related to your life. If you are a business company then there will be a shortage of time for you. Because it is required a lot of time for managing the system of email marketing business. And no one will be agreeing to waste important time to read un-necessary emails. So to get rid of these types of situations, Gmail offers you to use the feature of “Mark as Read”. When you will use this feature, then all your unread emails will be marked as read without reading.

Some email services have lacked this feature and the users of other email services are facing these issues. But when you will buy Gmail accounts, then through the use of this feature, you can save your time. However, here we will mention the steps or process through those you can use this feature.

  1. It should keep in mind that this feature is available for all users of Gmail. And there is no term for using any specific device. Because this feature is available on all browsers as well as devices. So open your Gmail account and click on the search bar. Then you should enter the category of emails that you want to mark as read. When you will search it through the search bar, then you will get all emails that are unread.
  2. After searching for unread emails, you will need to select them. You can mark them separately but you can do it when you have time to do this. But as we discuss above that this feature is time-saving and you can save your time by selecting “All”. When you will down the arrow then there will be the option of “All” and when you will click on it, then all unread emails will be selected in highlighted shape.
  3. When you will get all unread emails in highlighted shape then you should come back and then here will be the option of “Read”. You will select this option, the mark of unread will be changed in reading and you will be successful to use this feature. You can mark these emails as read by clicking on three dots on your Gmail inbox. When you will click on three dots then you will get the option of the mark as read. When you will click on this option, then all selected unread emails will be changed in read.

It should keep in mind that this feature is available for all versions of Gmail and there are no charges for this feature. And there is no restriction on using this service, so you can use it again and again. Because you are allowed to mark as read-only 50 emails at a single time. And if there are more than 50 emails, then you should repeat this process again.

Above we have discussed a feature and if you will buy Gmail accounts then it will be easy to learn more features of Gmail. Because only Gmail can provide you all the solutions to your issues related to your business as well as your personal life. There are lot numbers of other features and if you want to learn more about these features.

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