Should You Hire a Personal Injury Attorney After a Negligence-Related Injury in Fort Wayne?

Personal injuries that result from the negligence of another party can occur to anyone. If you sustained these injuries, you may be eligible for compensation; however, navigating through the legal process can be overwhelming. That is why you may want a Fort Wayne personal injury attorney to handle the case for you. But when exactly should you call an attorney? What can you expect from them? Get answers to these questions by reading on:

The Cases that Personal injury Attorneys Handle

A personal injury attorney represents victims who sustained injuries in accidents that happened because of another person’s fault. They handle cases that arise from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, truck accidents, construction accidents, and others. Most personal injury attorneys also handle wrongful death claims and serve as representatives for surviving family members.

When to Contact a Lawyer

After you have seen a doctor to get a thorough medical evaluation and appropriate treatment, you must contact an attorney. Following an accident, the insurer of the negligent party will contact you and you must direct them to your lawyer. 

In addition, to prepare a strong case for you, the lawyer must examine physical evidence before it disappears and get statements from eyewitnesses while their memories are fresh. Although you have two years from the accident date to bring a claim, you must not wait until the last minute to collect evidence and file a personal injury claim. 

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What Your Attorney Will Do to Recover Compensation for You

Your personal injury lawyer will examine how you sustained your injuries and identify the liable party. This party depends on the kind of accident you were involved in. For instance, another driver may be liable for injuries sustained in a car accident while a trucking company may have liability in truck accidents. 

Then, your attorney will negotiate a fair settlement with the liable party, their lawyers, or insure to secure the full compensation you deserve. This will happen once they have determined the full extent of your injuries. Often, personal injury claims are resolved in out-of-court settlements since these allow all parties involved to avoid the cost and stress of litigation. But if the negligent party disputes or denies liability and their insurer refuses to make a fair settlement offer, your attorney won’t have another choice but to take your case to trial. When this happens, they will explain to the judge or jury how sustained the injuries and why you deserve compensation. 

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