Top Eight Netflix Series Based Around An Apocalypse

As dreadful as the idea of living in a world which has been destroyed by an apocalypse seems, a majority of the population is fascinated by this very idea. The reason behind that is the fact that the entertainment industry has churned out so many great shows about different types of apocalypses such as the zombie apocalypse and how the survivors find their way through it. Today we will be taking a look at the top eight Netflix series which are based around an apocalypse. So without wasting any time, let’s get started with the list.


Daybreak tells the tale of a young boy who is off to save his girlfriend in the wake of an apocalypse. The show ran for one season and before viewers could fully explore the story, it was cancelled by Netflix. Thus confirming the reports from The Next Hint about Daybreak Season 2 getting cancelled.


The Rain is the story of a town whose people were swept away by the virus that was carried by the rain and how a pair of survivor siblings will find a place for themselves in the new world order. It is a compelling show to watch and you will be thrilled to see all the three seasons of it.


The Walking Dead is not just a show. It has become a saga and there seems to be no end to this story of pain, suffering and smashing some real bad zombies. The show has excellent performances from all the leading cast and it is touted to be the most realistic take on this genre.

  • DARK

Dark is a show that is talked about by everyone and no one has been able to get over it completely. It’s packed with exciting twists and turns on the road, and a crazy measure of time that’s going to be played with you and your schoolmates in your seats the entire time. The show has a location with Germany, although the whole world has. This is the best example of how a happy time traveling show should be made. It reveals insight into the relationships between people and how they adapt to their battles. You should watch it for the sheer talent with which the show is made.


If you’ve thought even a little about who Archie is and the huge social wonder that his comic books harkened back to the old days, you’ll effectively figure out why the show earned such huge notoriety in a nutshell. There is a stipulated time limit. The show tells the story of Archie and his companions who go out to their town to do some unusual exercises. One should look for great acting and a lovely story by the lead cast in the show. It is our assurance that you will never tire of this show in any way.


Z Nation is the story of the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse who is at a great distance from the only functional virology lab in America. A group of people pledges to take the man safely to the lab with the hope to create a vaccine for the other survivors but there is more to that man than what is being shown. The show is exciting to watch and is considered to be one of the most finely crafted Netflix series on zombies.


All we can say about Rick and Morty is that this is one crazy show with a ton of craziness going around in every scene. We don’t know what serves as a blessing to this amazing series, in light of the fact that there are countless things that make this show incredible. It has a right to be on your watchlist and assuming you need to appreciate it without limits, then, at that point, mention that you can do it with your school mates at an after-school watch party. Let’s see!


Black Summer is set in the same universe as Z Nation and depicts the story of a crack team which is off to set a few things right in a world which is infested with the worst kind of zombies. It is a fun show to watch and some really memorable moments. Some of the critics showered immense praise on this show and said that it is a worthy successor to the original series which is also available on Netflix.

All the shows which are mentioned above have a high degree of entertainment and you will be thrilled to watch them. It will be like you are a part of the show and the journeys of the protagonists will seem like your own. So if you want to watch some fast-paced, thrilling and engaging apocalyptic shows, then you must start with the ones which are mentioned above. Also if you love watching different Netflix series, then you must check out the other lists that we have uploaded here. We keep coming with regular updates so it would be wise to keep visiting this space regularly and wiser to subscribe to us.

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