1660 Ti Vs 1080 Ti | The Ultimate Comparison

Are you’re a professional gamer looking for the most exclusive graphic cards this day and don’t know the difference between 1660 Ti vs. 1080 Ti? If the answer is yes, then you have reached the right place.

These are the professional design tools for long-term gaming computers. These both are the most common and significant hardware to run the games.

These graphic cards help to provide frames per second (fps) even on higher graphic settings. They are smooth gameplay with extraordinary visuals.

These graphic cards are reliable for playing at high ultra-settings with high resolution. So let’s figure out the difference between 1660 Ti and 1080 Ti and decide which one is a better option for the long term is gaming.

Graphics card: 1080 Ti!

It is significant that the 1080 Ti is a very force-hungry card and requires a not too bad force flexibly unit.

Regarding memory, the 1080 Ti’s 11264 MB RAM is all anyone could need for present-day games and ought not to bring about any bottlenecks.

The 4K gaming is upbeat on this 1080 Ti, and with a touch of tweaking to your AA settings, it’d be not easy to envision a title not fit for 60 fps. 1080 Ti is comprised of 12b transistors which boost near around 2000 MHZ.

  • 1080 TI is prepared for 6 graphics processing clusters which contain 28 SMs (3584 CUDA cores, at 128*28).
  • Its memory interface is about 352-bits.
  • It has the feature of new support of memory overclocked.
  • GTX 1080 has memory Specs of around 11 GBPS.
  • It has the feature of Innovation Support and Multi-Projection.
  • Design Card Dimensions is 4.376 “In height.
  • It has the feature of Warm and Power Specs that is 91Maximum GPU Temperature (in C).

Graphics card: 1660 Ti!

The 1660 Ti is a Turing-based mid-range GPU. GTX 1660 is a good choice if you don’t wish to burn a huge hole in your pocket.

It has 1536 shade units and 6 GB of RAM. 1660 Ti offers three display Port 1.4 outputs as well as HDMI 2.0b port. It draws power from the PCI-E slot and requires an 8-pin power connector.

It has stunning graphics and performance, and the best part about 1060 ti is that it is the most demanding and common graphic card because of its price.

The power consumption of 1660 ti is specified at 80 watt TGP, making it efficient and effective.

Difference Between 1660 Ti Vs 1080 Ti!

Let’s figure out the difference between the graphic cards and choose which one is the better option to run your favorite game.


The price of 1080 Ti is $807.0, and the price of 1660 Ti is around $279. This makes a clear difference of 65% of the price. So 1060 Ti is cheaper than 1080 Ti.


1080 Ti was designed in 2017, and 1660 was designed in 2019, which shows a difference of 2 %. 1660 Ti is the latest than 1080.

Maximum Recorded Temperature

1080 Ti records the temperature of 84c, and 1660 Ti records the temperature of 61. This shows the clear difference that 1660 can record 27% more than 1080.

Benchmark CPU

Both have the same ultra-setting quality

Maximum Fan Noise

1080 Ti has the ability to 54.3 dB, and 1660 Ti has the ability of 45.6 dB. There is a 16% difference between the graphic cards, and you can see which one has a better fan noise.

Recommended Power Supply

1080 Ti supports 600W power, but on the other hand, 1660 Ti supports 500W.

Average Performance

1080 Ti performance is 132.9 FPS, whereas 1660 Ti average performance is 99.5, which has a clear difference of 25%. This shows 1660 has a better performing rate.


The memory capacity of 1080 Ti is 11 GB, whereas 1660 has a memory capacity of 6GB.

Overall Combination Score

According to the above specifications and differences, 1080 Ti scores 65/100, but on the other hand, if we look towards 1660 Ti, it scores 84/100, which means that 1660 Ti is a better option based on performance and price.

The GTX 1660 Ti is an essentially increasingly skilled top-of-the-line card that can play AAA titles at 1080p/1440p with 50-60 edges for each second.

The value/execution proportion is brilliant for GTX 1660 Ti against the opposition in financial plan mid-extend cards.

Regarding memory, the 1660 Ti’s 6144 MB RAM is all anyone could need for present-day games and ought not to bring on any bottlenecks.

Tragically, gaming execution was not exactly as great. So regardless of whether the GTX 1660 Ti reliably conveys outline rate increments over the GTX 1060 6GB, the addition isn’t a lot to legitimize an update.

For 1080p Full HD, we had the option to play Borderlands 3, Anthem, Need For Speed: Heat, Cause 4, Gears of War 5 at 62 fps to 78 fps, and kept casing rates drifting around 71 fps.

If we talk about 1440p Quad HD, we had the option to play Greed Fall, Hetman 2, F1 2019, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, World War Z at 64 fps to 72 fps and kept edge rates floating around 68 fp Concerning max load temperature, the 1660 Ti’s cooling is superb at monitoring it cool and.

In short, the presentation is excellent; doubtlessly, this is one of the most impressive single GPUs out there in 2021.

Conclusion: which one is a better option for long-term gaming?

Are you still confused about which one is a better option for your long-term gaming requirement?

All the facts and figures show 1660 Ti is a great package between price and performance.

The cost of 1080 Ti is absurd. But, on the other hand, the GTX 1080 Ti is quicker by 39% for 1440p gaming. In any case, GTX 1660 Ti is as yet fit for delivering more than 60 casings for each second.

For 1080p games, redesigning from 1660 Ti to 1080 Ti isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits if focusing on 60 casings every second.

What’s more, considering the enormous value distinction between the two, the 1660 Ti is a victor.

The value/execution proportion is greatly improved for GTX 1660 Ti.

You can order this professionally designed tool for gaming from with various deals and enjoy the best graphic card according to your demands and requirement. You can check out more reviews and guides on beembuild.

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