How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

A wedding is a happiest and enjoyable moment in your life. Not only you but your lovers also want to enjoy this moment. So that’s why you need to focus on how many people should I invite to my wedding. 

If you are in search of this question you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the two main factors that are associated with your guest’s number. So before going to know how many should I plan on let’s find out the factors.

  1. Estimate Your Budget

You cannot enjoy the wedding ceremony without spending the money. It means that your budget has an important role during the wedding.

When you want to invite the guest keep eye on the budget. Because if you exceed the limit of guests concerning your budget. It will become a challenging situation for you, so to get rid of this headache you need to invite the guests according to the budget.

How Is The Number Of Guests Associated With The Budget?

The number of guests is related to your budget because if you invite more people it means that you will make more arrangements for them. Which is not possible without spending the money. Similarly, you will responsible for their food. In case of more guests, you will order more food and you will pay more money. 

  1. Measure The Available Space For Guests

This is also important to know how much space you have? So before going to invite dozen of people you need to make sure about the space. Is your all invited people can fit in your available space or not. If yes you can invite all of them but unfortunately if you have a small area then you need to change the location or invite fewer people accordingly.

Hire a canopy tent and fit the tables inside it. Make a beautiful arrangement of lights if you have a wedding party at night time. Now you can easily know how many people can fit here. If you want to fit more people inside the same area you need to prefer rectangular tables instead of circular. Because in case of rectangular table you can fit more table of the same size.

Know Your Parents Wish

Keep in mind that at your wedding you are not the only one who will invite his/her friends. But your parents also have some friends and they also desire to invite his/her friends to their son’s or daughter’s wedding.

So that’s why you need to discuss with your parents that how many people they want to invite. After that make a list which is a superb idea through which you can know the exact number of guests.

How To Make A Wedding List?

As we discussed recently making a list is a good idea. You can make one list for all the guests but the good method for making the list is given below.

  • Group A

Make your list group-wise. In group A mention those people who are very close to you and your parents. In group A you can also mention the name of your relatives which you have knowledge that they will come.

Here you can also mention those friends who are related to your current life. Your coworkers, and your college or university friends if you are still a student.

  • Group B

In this group mention your school friends. And also those friends who are not related to your current life. But keep in mind if any of the group B guests come to your wedding face them in such a manner that they do not realize that they were the second priority in your wedding list.

Why Sometimes Does The Number Of Guests Increase From Expectation?

This is the problem most people face during the wedding. How the number of people increases from your mentioned list. There are two main reasons for that.

  1. Plus-One

This is the case when you invite your friend or relative and they also invite their friend without telling you. If you want to allow plus one you can mention it on the invitation card.

Allow plus one offer for limited people because of which you can avoid extra people in excess amount. Mention Plus one offer only for married and engaged couples.

  1. Children

Don’t forget the children. As you know children always want to enjoy. So if you send an invitation card to a friend maybe they pick children with them. So if you do not like children’s entry mention the sentence on the invitation card that wedding party only for adults.

Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If I invite 200 people to my wedding?

If you invite this number it is mean your wedding is in the category of a large wedding.

How many people should I invite to my wedding if I want 100 guests?

As we discussed above the number of guests also depends on the budget and available area. But normally 100 guests are not a bad number if you have the available space and budget.

How many people should I expect to come to my wedding if I invite 226 people?

Generally, more than 80% of wedding guests attend the wedding ceremony. It means that if you invite 226 people more than 180 people will attend the wedding party.

But this also depends on the distance. Mean if your inviters are out of the town or they are far away then it has a less possibility to come in the wedding.

How many people should I invite to get 85 people at my wedding? 

So according to the above survey if you invite 105 to 110 people. It has the probability to attend only 85 people.

If I invite 500 people to my wedding how many should I expect?

If you invite 500 people you will get from 400 to 425 people to your wedding party. If they are all from out of town then expect from 275 to 300.

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