Trip of a lifetime – Taking a Bus to Small, Southern Towns

While most bus tours in Kentucky center quite a bit on bourbon, not all of them do so. Some of them are mostly about horses! And there are quite a few of us who love them and would like to see more of them in our break time.

Rather than rushing from one spot to another, travelers now prefer to take life relaxed and easy. If you have decided to try out bus trips in Georgetown, KY, you can rest assured of a leisurely time, all spent visiting horse farms, sipping comfortably on bourbon, and immersing yourself in true southern hospitality.

Need we say more? Georgetown, here we come!

History Callin’ 

In 2018, the U.S. News & World Report proclaimed Georgetown as one of the best small southern towns to visit. And with good reason! Located within the golden triangle of Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati, Georgetown is easily and conveniently accessible to most.

One of the most interesting things about this small town is its historic downtown district, which has held fast to its ancient roots and can proudly show off its timeless gems such as more than 200 buildings that are on the National Register for Historic Places. You can take innumerable peeks at what America was like well before you, your parents, and even your grandparents, were born!

For those who prefer to check out local art and craft, retail therapy stores, and couture creativity, there are many unique boutiques here along with art galleries and malls.

And if all that roaming around tires one out, there is a wide assortment of gourmet delights awaiting them. You can choose between southern delicacies, fine dining, farm-to-table, or pub specialties.

Kentucky’s Horse Headquarters

A must-see on your bus tours itinerary should be the Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm. Here, you can have close encounters with many Derby winners. And you must go ‘horsey’ as you are in the horse retirement capital, after all!

Once done here, the next name to check out is the Kentucky Horse Park. This 200-acre property will help you learn many equine-related things. And if you still aren’t satisfied, you can head over to the Whispering Woods Riding Stables or the Three Hill Farm.

In case you are looking for a break in the fall season, make sure your bus trips near me include Georgetown as it holds its annual Festival of the Horse during that time and you will have an extra-special experience then.

The Birthplace of Bourbon

Georgetown clings to its claim of being the birthplace of bourbon. And it does so on the back of the story that says Rev. Elijah Craig distilled the very first batch of bourbon from water taken from Georgetown’s Royal Spring. Well, whether you believe this story or not is up to you but a visit here will surely be incomplete without a sip or two at the Bourbon 30 Spirits!

So, it is time you quit stalling and saddle up!

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