What chakra is purple?

chakra is purple

There are many names for purple chakra like violet, crown, and Sahasrara chakra. It is stated that it is the seventh means the last chakra corresponded with the spinal cord. Defining its cire meaning, let’s dig in at what chakra is purple; what benefits and other features are attached to the purple Chakra.

The specialist states that unlike all other chakras they are located almost two inches above the head.


Purple open and stable Chakra:

When Sahasrara chakra which is of the color purple is open and stable you will feel the connectivity of your being with the universe and realize the presence of omniscience.

You will become more active towards consciousness, emotion being balanced, sense of relief and accomplishment can also be seen.

Along with this purple chakra will also realize the sense of joy, Clairvoyance, inner intentions realization, intuition, and strong mental strengths.

Key benefits of purple Chakra:

Purple chakra being above the head has also many physiological, mental, and subconscious actions like:

  • You will get sharp senses and mind
  • Your overall physical health will incline
  • The alignment of different attributes and aspects can be thoroughly seen
  • You will get good effects on visuals
  • You will feel relief and a sense of accomplishment.
  • You will think out of the box and will enhance your creativity

How to stabilize purple Chakra?

You can balance your purple chakra by ensuring the stability of all the other six chakras like orange, red, indigo, yellow, green, and blue chakras.

You can balance purple chakra by amalgamating the purple chakra with all your daily choices and routines. You can practice this by making ensuring that you have a purple color with you either in the form of bad, room color, wall color, decoration pieces, purple color, etc.

Purple chakra can also be balanced and purified by using aromatherapy. Along with this, you can just balance the purple chakra by introducing breathing exercises or with certain exposure.

Overactive Chakra:

When any particular chakra which has high energy transitions emerge from them then it means that they have overactive Chakra.

Being strongly associated with the mental and physical health of the human body. The overactive nature of purple chakra can cause devastating outcomes like fatigue, fragmentation, irritability, headache, emotional instability, and intolerance.

Underactive Chakra:

While the underactive Chakra can cause severe spiritual well-being. Underactive purple chakra can cause grief impacts on the human connectivity with the world and with the supreme being. It also drives a person to lower energy levels and decline mental and physical endurance.

The imbalance of spiritual and environmental well-being will lead to personality and spiritual disconnections. The person will have consistent feelings of being powerless, lower mental endurances, the precision of the decision-making declines. Read more about Hematite Ring.

It can also cause some major health problems. Like amnesia, coma, cancer, autism, tumor, and consistent crown headaches.

The attributes of the Sahasrara chakra which has purple color have been articulated in this article with all physiological attributes and color purple associations.

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