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Why advertise on Facebook?

Each Facebook user clicks an average of 8 ads every month. The first social network on the planet remains an essential vehicle for promoting your products and services, and is immediately appealing with its almost unlimited targeting possibilities. Geographic zoning, filtering by socio-professional category, hobby, by age group or by gender… The Facebook ads management is the ultimate tool for shaping the smallest details of your target persona.

With its many options in terms of formats or placements, Facebook advertising brings an excellent bonus to visibility and brand awareness. A well-run campaign will ideally complement your organic social media posts as well as your ads in Google results.

So, what are the main reasons to advertise on Facebook? The social media department of the Ad Premier agency details the potential benefits for you.


  • Benefit from a massive audience
  • Hit a very precise target
  • Control and manage your budget
  • Take advantage of a variety of ad formats
  • Complete your community management strategy
  • Test or adapt your Facebook ads campaign at any time
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Benefit from a massive audience

We often like to describe Facebook as a giant in decline. A quick analysis of the figures puts this idea into perspective, and confirms that the major social network retains exceptional striking power.

Nearly 75% of French people have a Facebook profile. Globally, around 2.7 billion users log on at least once a month in 2021. Of these, almost 2.2 billion people have filled out their profiles enough to be effectively targeted by an advertisement!

Beyond these audience figures that would make any TV advertiser dream, Facebook has the great advantage of having a very diversified and generalist user base, easy to segment within the framework of a marketing campaign. Family social network par excellence, it equally welcomes young adults, fifties wishing to keep in touch with their children and even a senior audience completely absent from other social networks.

The breakdown by gender is also stable and balanced. Facebook thus had a very slight majority of female users in 2018 (51%) compared to 49% of male users.

Facebook: a well-distributed and representative demographic of society

– 49% of daily Facebook users are in the 25-49 age group.

– 35% are aged 50 and over.

– The youngest, however, have not deserted the social network. 60% of Generation Z internet users (15-24 years old) log on to Facebook at least once a month.

Hit a very precise target

The operating principle of Facebook ads is very different from that of a Google Ads campaign, which consists of displaying certain advertisements according to the search criteria entered on Google. Here, it is a question of proposing initiative promotional Content Moderation according to the profile of the user.

The design of a Facebook campaign can therefore perfectly include the creation of several differentiated advertisements, by providing for example an ad targeted to your products for men and another for your products for women. The personal data collected by the giant social network is made available to you to reach your target audience with surgical precision, and thus increase the return on investment of your campaign.

The Facebook ads network allows you to target:

  • by age group;
  • by gender;
  • by interests and hobbies;
  • by marital status (single, in a couple, separated, etc.);
  • by geographical area of ​​residence;
  • by geolocation of the user at a time “t” (offer an advertisement to users who are at a specific location).

The platform, if necessary, also supports the import of customer and prospect files from your CRM software, in order to reach the people listed first, or even to extend your campaign to all users with similar characteristics: this is the technique of twin profiles or “look-alike “.

Finally, it is possible to specifically target Internet users who have already visited your website, for example, as part of a remarketing strategy.

Control and manage your budget

On Facebook, advertisers retain visibility and control over the budget allocated to their social media advertising campaign at all times. The management automatically adapts the frequency of display of advertisements or the extent of its distribution according to the amount allocated.

Facebook ads budget management tools are very relevant for business sectors subject to strong seasonality. Sellers of products in high demand during the summer season (ice cream, parasols, cold drinks, etc.) have every interest in choosing to increase their investment effort during the period most conducive to their sales, then reduce the sails in the off-peak season.

If necessary, the use of a social ads and web marketing agency can provide you with valuable support to manage your Facebook ads campaign financially and operationally.

Take advantage of a variety of ad formats

Facebook ads are far from uniform. An advertiser has in practice many places to promote his offer to Internet users. Social network advertisements may appear in particular:

  • in the right column;
  • in the newsfeed of the desktop version;
  • in that of the mobile version;
  • on other mobile apps, through the Audience Network.

The advertiser is free to choose the placement of his choice, but can also choose to trust the platform, preferring automatic placement.

The ad formats themselves are remarkably varied. Five categories are divided into advertising inserts on Facebook:

  • the single image, consisting of a visual and a short teaser text and free writing;
  • the single video, which resumes the previous format by replacing the image with an animated visual;
  • the carousel, which integrates between two and ten different images or videos;
  • the slideshow, which offers a succession of visuals for display;
  • the collection, designed especially for e-commerce sites with a large catalog of products.

Facebook ads: specific rules of use

The Facebook ads terms of use include a number of prohibited practices, including for example the dissemination of false or misleading advertisements, offensive content, adult products, tobacco, etc. Other products are subject to specific restrictions, such as alcohol, pharmaceutical products or dating sites. It is important to familiarize yourself with these regulations before launching your campaign. A web marketing agency can support you in this project.

Complete your community management strategy

Mixing sponsored content and organic posts on your own Facebook page is a very successful strategy for improving brand visibility and awareness.

The Facebook community manager must be involved in the design phase of each campaign, at least to understand the issues and to assimilate the elements of language that will be used to enhance their own publications. A successful advertising campaign, moreover, will have the indirect effect of generating new subscribers on the brand page and thus growing the community.

Test or adapt your Facebook ads campaign at any time

The management tool for your Facebook ads advertising campaign is easy to use and accessible at any time. It is possible for an experienced user to edit or completely write a new ad in seconds. The change of a title, a visual, or a description can occur at any time, without interrupting or calling into question the progress of the campaign. The same goes for the socio-economic or geographical criteria used for the broadcast: the social network’s algorithm will take these modifications into account in order to display the ads to the new target audience of Medical SEO Services.

The features offered in terms of management make Facebook an ideal platform for A/B testing a new campaign. In particular, you can easily:

  • Test the impact of the same ad on two different targets;
  • Measure the comparative performance of two ads on the same target audience.

By combining the targeting possibilities offered by the social network and the feedback from his first ads (click rate, conversion rate, number of “likes”, shares, etc.), a Facebook advertiser can ultimately design extremely effective campaigns that will have a profound impact on his core target.

Facebook ads give you access to a huge audience, and are quite accurately representative of general demographics. This broad base then allows you to be very precise and demanding in defining the criteria for filtering your target audience, and thus to maximize the impact of each Facebook ads campaign.

Ad Premier is your reference contact in the field of social media-oriented marketing communication. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our solutions in terms of advertising on Facebook and community management.

The three key points to remember:

  • Facebook offers both a potential audience and unparalleled targeting possibilities.
  • Facebook ads are highly modular and configurable at will.
  • Using a web marketing agency will allow you to manage your social ads campaign more finely.

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