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Prcedo Website Reviews

Prcedo is an online shopping website. You can buy different things. But according to different problems it was closed and has not been in use since 2019.

This shopping website is a scam. Prcedo website reviews will be explained in the following point.

Prcedo Discount Website Reviews

Prcedo discount website reviews show that the people were manipulated to buy lots of things as the things were at low prices. As we know, that different types of scammers did their dirty work and scam lots of the users of such shopping sites. The prcedo scammers sold things at a discount. In this way, people try to buy these things and as a result, they were caught in a scam. These discounts are too good to be true. As a result, they bought many things and the delivery was never reached to the ordered customer’s houses.

Google Role In This Scam

Prcedo website reviews show that google was also playing a role in this scam.

Many people were scammed on this shopping site. As we know that different scammers try to scam lots of these sites users. Why were such kinds of thieves allowed to make a website and then allowed to sell things online? Google should be responsible for allowing such kind of piracy.

It is a crime and we don’t even know who these people are and what are they using this money in. it may be used against our own country.

No Clarity

Prcedo website reviews show that there is no clarity on this shopping website. Only the residential address is given on the site. There are no other details like the owner’s name, there is no customer service center, etc. there is no means to contact the site owners. This is a problem and that shows that it isn’t a legit shopping site.

This kind of information shows that the company should be trusted. As a result that whenever you want to buy some product in the new shopping site. You must have to do some proper research and see the review either it is a legit site or a none legit site. That is why shopping for company information is important.

Security System Is A Fraud

Prcedo website reviews show that the prcedo shopping website is a fraud. This shopping site gave some information that it is protected by McAfee. McAfee gives identity protection. When people buy things they have to give some personal detail of their pay pal account or in another way like credit card detail etc. but on this site the McAfee logo is fake. It can’t be clicked and that is why you know that this site security system is fake.

This site just shows the user the feeling that the user’s personal information is protected but in reality, it is in danger of hacking. Even sometimes a third party can hack your personal details. The third party takes some personal information and it can be used in illegal places.

Negative Reviews

The majority of the prcedo website reviews were negative. You can ignore some reviews but where ever you see reviews, you will find these reviews to be negative. You can’t miss all of these reviews in which the users are robbed of their money.

Positive Reviews

In some of the prcedo website reviews, there were some people who were refunded. But in my opinion, it must some fake. As many people didn’t get refunded. These people who have given positive reviews must be the people who were hired to give positive reviews. They must be given money to give positive reviews.


After all this discussion you should take this in the notice that prcedo shopping website is a scam. You should also let others know that it is a fake shopping site. if you want to buy something on some new shopping website then you should do some research. The following are some points in which you can recognize that if a site is fake or legit.

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