Brachydios Weakness

Brachydios is a large monster found in Elder’s recess, the guiding lands. These monsters are from a Japanese game known as Monster Hunter World. Their species is brute wyverns and their ailment is blastscourge. It has a resistance to fire, thunder, and dragon elements. Its health increases as the number of players in a party increases. It is a monster that can inflict very powerful physical attacks. If you want to know about brachydios weakness then you should read the following text.


It also has a slime attack. These slimes came out of its arms and its head. So, don’t step on the slime or it will inflict damage on you. It also blasts the enemy so beware of its attacks and keep your character active. With its heavy body, it moves very fast.

Brachydios Weakness MHW

MHW stands for the monster hunter world game. In MHW brachydios weaknesses are ice and water elements. You can also use ice and water weapons.

Hitting Head, Forelegs, And Tails

Its other weakness is that you have to break its head and forelegs by giving damage. In this way, you can decrease its attacking power and can easily defeat it. You can also give damage to the monster by severing its tail. In this way, it can’t use its tail like a whip and you would have the upper hand in the fight.

In fighting this beast you have to ready your character for the fight. At least your character should have blast resistance and earplugs. The beast does many blasts to harm its enemy. For making safety sure you have blast protection equipment. In the same to protect your ears from the beast roars, you have to use earplugs.

Raging Brachydios Weakness

Raging brachydios weakness or brachydios weakness is also ice and water elements. Its size is bigger and the rage is on another level than simple bachydios. The maximum hit points are taken by hitting the head, arms, and tails as these are the weak parts.

When the brachydios are enraged then the countdown of slime blasting is less. So, during that time you have to keep your distance to protect yourself from the sudden blast. These slimes blasts like instantly.

To fight this kind of monster you have to be stronger to defeat. This means that you have to be a higher-level player in the game. You should have good equipment as it increases the chance of winning.

MH4U Raging Brachydios

MH4U is an expanded version of the monster hunter game. In this expanded game the brachydios health points are greater than the normal game. They are more powerful in this version. So, you have to do much effort in defeating the brachydios. The raging brachydios in MH4U is known as MH4U Raging Brachydios.

Brachydios MH4U Weakness

MH4U stands for the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game. It is another version of the Monster Hunter 4 game. It is the newest version of the monster hunter game. It is a very popular and the more selling game. In MH4U Bachydios weakness is also Ice and water.

Brachydios Weakness Iceborne

As ice is the most effective element on brachydios. Water is effective but it is used as a secondary attack. This weakness gives rise to the winning result.


As we know that in the game when you know the weakness of boss or beast. You will defeat it faster than when you go to the battlefield unprepared. So, in the above some ways in which you can defeat the beast faster and more effectively.

These kinds of beasts are more powerful and you have to attack these monsters in that place where it hurt them. These places are known as brachydios weakness points. They get weak by these points and as a result, it will be easy to defeat them.

Also in advance, you have to be ready to face this beast. You should have a temporal mantle, rocksteady mantle, evasion mantle, and vitality mantle.

Also to attack you have to use a lance. Lances are weapons that damage the weak point very effectively and can damage very easily. In the same manner, it also defends your character.

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