Why Quran is important in our life?

Why Quran is important in our life?

There are numerous different beliefs in the world of today. Islam is a worldwide religion with about one billion adherents. It emphasizes that one must commit one’s mind, spirit, and action to God (Allah). A Muslim is somebody who adheres to the Islamic religion. Islam is built on Muhammad’s teachings, who is the key character in the religion. To Muslims, he is the ideal guy who exemplifies everything it signifies to become a Muslim. The Quran is Allah’s scripture and is authored in Arabic. In Arabic, the term Quran signifies reciting. The Majestic Quran has seven unique traits and qualities that make it a unique and essential book:

  1. The meaning of life is explained in the Quran.

The Quran, according to Muslims, is the outcome of Divine revelation, not of man’s endeavors. The Divine book emphasizes the importance of worship, memory, and devotion in restoring Allah’s damaged relationship with humanity. The goal is to magnify Allah’s majesty. Throughout the wide range of topics covered, one message stands out: surrender, dedicate and dedicate yourself completely to the Loving Lord, and you’ll be assured of salvation, heaven, and redemption from the terror of Hell. It emphasizes Paradise as the long-term benefit of religion and good deeds while declaring Hell resulting from unbelief and living a sinful lifestyle.

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  1. Allah’s Oneness is taught by the Quran.

The sovereignty of Allah, Allah’s instruction via messengers, and Allah’s resurrection, or eternal life, are the three key concepts presented by the Quran. These ideas shape the perspective of their adherents and define the realities of human existence. This way of looking at the world ensures that you will live a long and happy life. It traces the narrative of human transgression from Adam to Christ and the Messenger personally, informing us of the perils of unbelief.

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  1. Moral, social, and spiritual qualities are emphasized throughout the Quran.

The Majestic Quran contains Divine moral, economic, and intellectual principles representing the Creator’s majesty, eternal love, and mercy. The mind is filled with modesty and awe because of these Divine attributes. Teachings that are clear and unmuddled. These ideas contribute to human liberty, accountability, and independence, which are ageless ideas that teach us, “You can alter your destiny if you wish.” This world arrangement of kindness, charity, and love for one another is impossible not to be amazed by. The Quran explains how to serve the Almighty Lord, live in peace and tranquility with one another, and live a healthy and smart life, shielding one from the enticements of a hedonistic-pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

  1. The Prophet is portrayed as the ideal role model in the Quran.

Muhammad (peace be upon him) is portrayed in the Quran as a leadership role for mankind, a living manifestation of goodness, justice, and Divine love. A role example for everyone, imparting the Divine thoughts that make such pure, wonderful, and lovely people.

  1. Prophecies in the Quran

The Majestic Quran is full of predictions, and it predicts what will unfold in the coming in a precise and precise manner. For instance, the downfall of the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ’s imminent return, the prophecy of Gog & Magog’s arrival, the corruption and contamination of the planet, and some incredible scientific breakthroughs. Many prophesy regarding people, and their descendants have been made. Probably the most important prophecy of the Quran is that it will never be altered or interpolated. The amazing retention of the Quran’s text is proof that it is Divine even now. Countless men & women have memorized the entire Quran.

  1. The Quranic teachings’ influence on daily life

Poor behavior, the consumption of alcohol and narcotics, selfish hobbies like gaming and commercial interest, envy, backbiting pride, and anger are all prohibited in the Quran. According to the Quran, people who engage in these wrongs are locked in a degrading circle of evil that leaves their lives and the existence of others unhappy.

  1. The teachings of the Quran are rational.

The Quran’s commands are robust, and they can withstand any logical or scientific examination. It’s fair and scientific in all it says, from historical truths to moral lessons. Many pieces of evidence exist to support the Majestic Quran’s Heavenly character.


To conclude, for Muslims throughout the world, the Quran is the most important text in creation. It provides Islamic principles and instructions on ways to live one’s life. Even though the Quran is neither a book of research nor medicine, it offers guidelines for spiritual and physical well-being. Following God’s commands and memorizing Quran verses will assist us in maintaining a healthy existence.

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