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Why should we invest in Tab City Rawalpindi


TAB City Rawalpindi is a forthcoming state of the art housing venture that aims to create a revolution in Rawalpindi’s sector. The owners of housing venture have a mission to make it a first ever housing venture of Rawalpindi with some state-of-the-art innovative features. They have even claimed that the entire housing project would be identical to the one in any developed country.

Owners and developers

The owners of this lucrative housing project would be TAB Builders, who are eminent in delivering some extraordinary real estate ventures. The entire team of developers include retired Pakistan Army colonel Taimur Sultan, Ahmed Malik, and MR. Ali. A lot of real estate investor with military credentials have a huge interest in this venture, as one of the developers of this venture is a retired military veteran. The developers have just hired some talented designers, architectures, and engineers to execute this venture.

NOC Status

The No objection certificates is an important credential that the real estate developers definitely need to look, and then complete their project. The NOC credential guarantees that the district level authorities have given a green signal to this housing project, and there is no scam in it. Also, NOC is also helpful in gaining additional trust by the real estate investors. Presently, the negotiations for NOC between the district authorities and the owners are ongoing. As per the newest update, the NOC approval would be provided very soon to the developers.

Reason to invest in TAB City Rawalpindi

The city of Rawalpindi has a booming population, so it needs some modern real estate societies like Lahore Smart City to accommodate such growing population. Tab City Rawalpindi is here to fulfill such purpose, and the owners have formulated various strategies for that. Some on the important factors that make this housing project an investible venture are as following:

Premium Infrastructure

The general infrastructure of this housing venture is advanced and extravagant in nature. One can assuredly claim that the entire housing venture would have a glimpse of some international housing venture of a developed country. Besides, one of the best aspect about their infrastructural development is that there would be huge building, which would only cater to the startup businesses.

Commercial Sector

The developers of TAB City Rawalpindi have plans of establishing a separate commercial sector, which would only comprise of shopping plazas, huge retail stores and some trade workplaces. The whole idea behind such huge commercial sector would be to cater shopping requests of the inhabitants. It would be a chief economic hub of this housing venture, which would also be helpful in satisfying business needs too.

State of the art security features

The developers of this housing venture believe that the security is most significant feature of any housing project. No housing project can be fruitful, if it does not have appropriate safety features for the protection of inhabitants. TAB City would have a massive boundary wall that would not only partition the outside entries but also determine the location site too. There would be security guards equipped with weapons at every corner, who would keep each and every movement within the housing society under their watch.

Eco friendly measures

This entire housing venture would have an enormous greenery around, as the developers are planning to grow more trees around every block. Apart from that, there would be some huge green parks, and botanical gardens that would tackle the pollution. Such green practices have a huge role in promoting environment sustainability, which is vital to confront climate change crisis.


This housing project lies within the boundaries of Rawalpindi, and the huge infrastructure of this project shows that it is going to be an elite housing venture. The real estate investors hailing from Rawalpindi have a good opportunity to earn a great amount of profit through it. For further information about reservation, you may schedule a meeting with the real estate negotiators of Estate Land Marketing.

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