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Morclothes is a website that sells things online. As time is going on, people also want to upgrade their life, to make their life more comfortable. Usually, people try to buy things in shops but the people who are a businessman or a man who is very busy in daily life. They don’t have time for shopping. They just buy things online and to relieve themselves from such troubles. After all, what is the money for? is also such a kind of website which scams people. It would be explained further below in detail.

Morclothes Reviews 

Morclothes reviews contain a lot of bad comments. stole lots of money from different customers. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many online selling goods websites scammed lots of money. One morclothes review shows that one parent buy a gift for their children but the goods do not arrive on time. These scammers stole the happiness of the children. That is a really big loss. One another review, one person was buying things for himself but the goods never arrived.

One review shows that a parent tries to buy Dirt bikes for their children but the goods never return so, you should be aware of such websites. From Morclothes Mountain Bike Clothes are ordered and the merchandise never came by one person.

Many peoples complained to PayPal and PayPal even refunded it. More money is deduced from some people’s PayPal account.

Is Morclothes A Real Site 

It is a scam made just to steal money from innocent people or those people who are not aware. Is morclothes a real site? No, it is not a real website because many people were scammed. The trust rate of this website is fifty-seven %. The websites setup is related to two countries. Another thing is that the company is from China. When you see the website, the information about terms was that the USA was governing this company. To aware people of morclothes, this content is written.

Is Morclothes A Scam

Is morclothes a scam? The answer is simple Yes, it is a scam. It is because morclothes website takes money from peoples but the ordered products never came to the place of order. The were giving free deliveries all over the world where the smell of scam was coming. Where ever you see, this is an impossible service. After all, people do business to earn money. And this service is all over the world. You shouldn’t believe this. Maybe a city is possible but the world is impossible.

Is Legit

Is legit? No, the morclothes website is not a legit website because it got a fake address. The address No, 401, Unit 6 of building 16, Longhua community, Tiefeng District, Heilongjiang, China 161002 is not the actual address. If this address is searched on the map, you won’t get any location. Why would an online website not give its location? This all indicates that this website is not legit.

Morclothes Coupon 

Please understand that the online shopping websites which give up to 90 % discount are not legit. It just compels people to buy it. But as a result, the people were scammed. Morclothes coupons were given to the people and the people’s greed will make the deal done. These are the differences when websites like scam people. These websites use these hand techniques to scam people.

Is Morclothes Website Trustful

Is morclothes website trustworthy? No, it is not a trustworthy website because different websites’ contents were copied from other websites and pasted into this website. if you did buy some things from this website then you should contact your bank as fast as you can. So, that you should file a dispute and request a new card. There is a chance that the scammer can steal from you again. There were some people who are not refunded. What would happen to those people?


The scamming website morclothes stole money from lots of people. Why did google let such kind of scammer allow in google? There are many different websites that stoles money from people. When Google puts down their website, they then make websites again under new names. What are they using this stolen money for? The authorities should consider this problem a serious problem. So, try to be aware of such websites and try to be smart.

As we know, that we need services but the services either which is quite dangerous like this shouldn’t be used or the buyer should use an official site which has good reviews.

There is another reason which gives the way to such scammers. The covid also plays a huge role in these scams. As people were compelled to buy the products online because they were very frightened to go outside.

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