What Happened To MissQGemini

MissQGemini is a very popular gamer. She was a really genius player and she was doing live streamer for the fans. That is why people would follow her on these live streaming games. She was skilled and people would adore her. Fans would take different ideas from her gaming. If fans would be stuck in some mission in some game. They would see her gameplay and solve their problems.

Twitch MissQGemini

In twitch, she would do live streaming and show her gameplay. Twitch is a live streaming service that only focuses on games and broadcasts of esports competitions. There are some other services which were provided by this site. They are music broadcasts, creative content and many more. Nowadays twitch MissQGemini account does not exist.

MissQGemini was really a popular gamer and she was one of the top-ranking gamers in twitch. She was accused of cheating in her live streaming video games. After that, she won’t do live streaming video games in her account.

MissQGemini New Account

For one day MissQGemini was banned. After that, she changed her account name and once again she is streaming as it is only notified by a tweet. She is taking advantage of her negative popularity. According to a Reddit user, MissQGemini new account is not exactly her new account but it is her old account.

MissQGemini Stream

MissQGemini was a really good streamer. Fans wouldn’t miss her live steaming games. That is how they realize that she was doing cheat. In twitch, it is a really big crime and she was also not accepting that she is cheating. MissQGemini stream was one of the best streams and that is why this scandal was known by the fan. Her fans were loyal to her but in the end, she betray her fans. Cheating is not a big crime but it makes a big problem for the streamer.

MissQGemini Instagram

MissQGemini Instagram account exists but there is no post for others to see. These days, it is difficult for us to see her on the internet.

What Happened To MissQGemini

She was banned by twitch and she has been a center of a topic to discuss by all her fans and other people. That is what she gets after what she has done to the spectators. Fans appreciate her talent and that is why they would follow her. During that she got caught red-handed in the crime. She is still a person. People make mistakes and it’s a fact. May what happened to MissQGemini is that she wants to be a good person.

MissQGemini Clara

Clara is a friend missQGemini steam. MissQGemini steam was caught during playing the CS GO game. An Icon was shown which contain all of the hacking contents. MissQGemini blamed it on her friend Clara. From MissQGemini Clara has been abused. This is a really big matter. When she was playing the game, she should have known that the hacking application is already open but she never accepted that she was cheating this whole time.

MissQGemini Twitter

She has been tagged by her fans and there is different solid evidence but she does not face her fans head-on. On the top, she was showing ignorance and never explained that why she did this. Fans are tweeting on the MissQGemini Twitter accounts. She should have said sorry to her fans. She has been named a pathological liar and she is not explaining herself.

MissQGemini Response

When she was discovered by the fans that she is cheating. At that time, she said that it is the problem with the game and that it may be a glitch. After that, she told the spectators that her partner is also facing a similar problem. After some time, she said it is her friend Clara fault who was using her computer before that day. At that time she don’t know what she doing and made a lot of suspicions.

MissQGemini Response was rubbish. She was deceiving her fans. She showed ignorance and as a result, she loses all her fans. Her fans lose all their faith in her.

In the end, MissQGemini new twitch cheated on all her fans, her gameplay lovers and she even betrayed her friends at the end she was doing everything possible to make her fans believe that she is not a cheater but she showed clear evidence.

She even told the fans that they are sexist and that she is a woman that why they do not trust them. Women are very less in the gaming community. It is because at a higher rate women have other interests.

The other twitches live streamers comment on her that it’s a doofus thing to do. How did she even think she can get away from that.

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