Important Details about Using Pet-Related Yard Signs – Are they Legal Tools?

Pet-Related Yard Signs

Lawn signs are used as advertising tools by small businesses. People also use them to express support for political causes, social causes, etc. Pet owners, however, have a completely different relationship with these signs. They often use them to protect their pets and anyone in and around their properties. We’re talking about “Beware of Dog” signs and other similar tools that pet owners often install on their properties.

Why are Pet-Related Signs So Popular?

Pet-related signs or placards are extremely popular because a significant chunk of the country’s population owns pets. Dogs are by far the most common pets. They’re not only “man’s best friend,” but they’re also great for enhancing the security of any property. Many organizations even create dog parks, pet playgrounds, etc., to make their communities more dog-friendly.

Unfortunately, pets (dogs in particular) can also be huge liabilities. If your pet dog bites another animal/human, you can be held legally responsible for any damages. That’s why all pet owners are advised to mitigate the risks of such liabilities. A highly effective way of doing so is installing clear and visible signs in your yards. Let people know you have a dog (or multiple dogs) on your property.

Your risk of being held legally responsible in case your dog bites a passerby or an intruder reduces significantly when you use the right type of yard signs.

Are Pet-Related Signs Legal Tools?

No. A sign that reads ‘Beware of Dog’ may not protect the owners from lawsuits. That’s because the court may assume that by telling people to be wary of your dog, you’re harboring a risky situation. You already know a dangerous animal lives on your property. Yet, instead of getting rid of it, you’re avoiding your dog’s violent inclinations. Even if your dog has a completely non-violent history, the court may make such interruptions.

If you want your pet-related signs to absolve you of any liability in case there are accidents in the future, you need to be a bit smarter.

Use Neutral Language – A sign that features neutral language like “Be Careful, Dog on Property” is likelier to be approved by the court. By using neutral language, you’re not indirectly villainizing your dog. You’re just informing visitors that there’s a dog on the property.

No Trespassing Signs – Signs that read “No Trespassing” can help pet owners avoid liability risks. That’s because trespassing is a criminal offense. If you specifically ask visitors not to trespass, and they still disobey you, anything that happens to them after that isn’t your liability. That’s why signs that read “No Trespassing” are more helpful when pet owners get sued over bites, accidents, etc.

Let the Neighbors Know – Sometimes, just letting people know that you have a dog on the property decreases your security risks. Burglars or robbers are less likely to break into homes if they see a pet-related sign on the property. Even a sign that lets neighbors know there are pets on the property that get scared by fireworks can do the trick.

Signs that warn people of the potential dangers of stepping foot on your property are helpful in various ways. Use these tips to use them more effectively!

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