Fake or not fake Flipkart answers today

There is a video quiz called Flipkart. This quiz is on daily basis and it is a question answer based quiz. The host will display the question to the participants which has two options fake or not fake. The participants are allowed only to answer in these two words “Fake” or “not fake”.

If the answer is correct you will say “not fake” if it is incorrect you will answer the “fake”. After winning the quiz viewer have the chance to win a big amount in lakhs. Due to this big amount, this game show is now trending and the number of participants becomes increasing on everyday basis.

How many questions Flipkart video quiz have

On an everyday basis, this game show has 3 different questions and each question has 2 options. Multiple websites show fake or not fake flipkart answers today. You can visit these websites and can achieve the recent answers and win a big amount.

Mostly these questions are related to general knowledge. If you are interested in such types of questions then don’t miss this chance and play the game. If you are lucky you will win the prize. There is a sample of some questions.

  1. Indian won a bronze at the Asian TT (Asian Table Tennis) championship?
  2. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the alps?
  3. Maharishi Valmiki had drafted the first-ever Sanskrit shloka.

All these questions belong to Episode 311. And these questions are from the date of 19-oct-2021. You have only 10 seconds for each question and in order to win the prize, you need to give the correct answer in the given time. Here is the answer to these 3 questions respectively.

  1. Not fake (it means that India won a bronze at the Asian TT championship).
  2. Not fake (not fake mean that you agree with the question/MCQs and Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the alp which has 15,771 feet high)
  3. Not fake (same like above answers you also agree with this question or MCQs)

How to participate in “fake or not fake Flipkart answers today” game show

You can also participate in this Indian-based video quiz show. To participate in this quiz download the Flipkart app from the play store. After downloading now sing-in or you can sign up for the Flipkart account.

When you sign in here now watch the Flipkart video on the concerned app. Watch the recent and up-to-date video and give the correct answer to the concerned questions. After giving all the answers now click on collect reward and wait for impressive prizes.

Keep in mind that only those participants can play fake or not fake flipkart answers today video games who are at least 18 years old. And who holds legal Indian nationality. To play this game you need to agree with all the terms and conditions of this game and during making an account on this platform you will be sharing some personal information.

What type of prizes are waiting for you in fake or not fake flipkart answers today video games

After clicking on collet reward you have a chance to win the prizes. The winner is only those people who correct all the 3 given questions.

  • You can win the voucher of Rs 1000.
  • Here is also the big chance waiting for you which is smartphones.
  • Apart from this, you can win the super coins after correcting the questions.

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