Which Was A Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold In The 1980s?

Which Was A Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold In The 1980s?  Well, the answer is that it was C-3PO. In 1984, there was a man who favors health. He founded a company named Kellogg’s company. When the company is founded, it was making and selling corn flakes. This company proposed that it would make a more nutritious breakfast that would be an alternative to the present breakfast at the time.

Kellogg introduced the oats and Star Wars-based breakfast cereal which was sold in the 1980S. The Star Wars-based cereal is known as Kellog’s C-3PO breakfast cereal.

Actually, at the time the series of Star Wars was very popular. So, to attract customers the Kellogg company make this and target the fans of Star Wars.

This cereal breakfast is the classic as it was released in 1984. It only lasted 2 years. It has very unique timing of making out the company. The Star Wars trilogy was about to be wrapped up. The fans thought that it was ending but then the commercial came and it was showing C-3PO and the cereal. The fans were excited and interested to buy the C-3PO breakfast cereal.

Which Was A Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold In The 1980s will be explained in the following content.

Which Was A Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold In The 1980s C-3PO’s Breakfast Cereal

The taste of this cereal is like honey. So, it was sweetened with honey and it was in the shape of small figures. This cereal was crunchy and the taste was like Alpha bits. Some were in the peanut butter and chocolate combination.

How Does The Cereal Look Like?

The cereal looks like that cereal of unknown nature that came from the edges of the galaxy. That specific cereal was the C-3PO breakfast cereal. Its crunchiness was twice and its shape is double-O or the figure eight. So, one bite gives the user two crunches and as a result, the C-3PO would give the user a snacking experience.

This taste is to die for and this cereal has excellent taste. In this way, the eating one would experience action and excitement Of Star Wars. This cereal contains three grains which are barley, wheat, and barley. This cereal contains some other 10 nutrients and minerals which would be essential for the user of the C-3PO breakfast.

Package And Premiums Of C-3PO Breakfast Cereal

There were different sizes of serving as part of the cereal variety to consider everything. It was such some people household was of lesser size then the quality would be ruined. Then for this purpose, it was made in different sizes.

It comes with the following premiums.

They were Rebel Rocket In Plastic, Star Wars Stickers, Trading Cards, Stars Wars Mask Cut From Plastic and the importance of all of these are the Star Wars Figurines.

Kids Favor To Buy The C-3PO Breakfast Cereal

Because of these figurines, many kids are in the favor of the C-3PO breakfast cereal. As, the children would always make their parents crazy so, that the parents would always buy it for them. They would be more excited to buy it for the figurines. Also, there was a collection of different characters of Star Wars in the C-3PO cereal breakfast.

An Advertisement Was Displayed 

An advertisement is displayed on the small screen. The golden droid who is Anthony Daniels

Played in this advertisement. The display, the sound, the animation was like Star Wars. In this Advertisement, a cereal box could shoot through the air.


With this great idea of promoting this cereal in society, there was a problem. The problem was that the C-3PO breakfast cereal was not very sweet and the young generation likes to eat something sweet.

Some of our elders say that it was the most popular cereal of the 1980s.

I hope that you know now that Which Was A Real “Star Wars” Based Breakfast Cereal Sold In The 1980s?

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