Which newspaper features distinctive portraits called “dot-drawings” instead of actual photos?

You may find this strange that there is a newspaper that uses portraits instead of actual and real photos. The name of the newspaper is ”The Wall Street Journal” or shortly WSJ”. This is the iconic newspaper in which you will see the portraits form.

The method through which this portrait’s photo is made is called ‘hedcut’. In this method, they make a complete portraits image with the help of small dots (dot-drawing) and small lines. WSJ is very popular because of its unique style. This special hedcut method use since 1979 when the freelancer artists Kevin Sprouls become in contact with this paper.

There are some other newspapers too that used the dot-drawing method but that is not on the regular basis. So the only and correct answer to the questions Which newspaper features distinctive portraits called “dot-drawings” instead of actual photos? Is The Wall Street Journal. This is the newspaper that use this method from 1979 and all the available pictures in this newspaper are made from millions of dots.

Creative team of WSJ

Millions of dots are needed to add together perfectly to show a specific photo. So this work needs a certain discipline and consumes a lot of time. Each portrait can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to complete and this credit goes to the WSJ team. Who works so perfectly to display a beautiful picture in unique ways.

In order to overcome this time WSJ team is now working to get dot-drawing format directly from the original image through the machine. Artificial intelligence will help them and they are hopeful about that. But the very important thing for the WSJ team is the quality. As dot-drawing is the trademark of The wall street journal. This is the reason that the WSJ team does not compromise the quality even in the case of the machine.

Different faces in WSJ newspaper

Wall street journal and in each edition there are the faces of business, politics, sports, and more. Over time, the demand for this special hedcut method increased even in the general public. This is the reason that the WSJ team receives multiple messages every day from the public and they ask about ‘can I get my hedcut I want to frame it I want to hang it on my wall’.

Convert your image into hedcut or dot-drawing style

For those who cannot reach directly to the wall street journal for asking the hedcut. They have the way of different apps like PhotoMania through which they can convert their favorite image to hedcut style. In these apps, they added the filters through which you can directly convert your image to the dot-drawing style for free.

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Keep in mind that the quality of the picture in case of apps is not the same as compared to handmade dot-drawing pic. As we discussed above that it takes up to 5 hours to draw one portrait. While the app base portraits just convert your image in simple few steps with a quick response. That is why you cannot expect the high level quality from these filters.


Simply if you are in search of which newspaper features distinctive portraits called “dot-drawings” instead of actual photos? We mentioned for you that this newspaper is called “The wall street journal”. Which is the English language newspaper but also available in Chinese and Japanese.

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